How To Sell On Autopilot Using Email | Marketing Junto

How To Sell On Autopilot Using Email | Marketing Junto

My Guest's Take

Jason Resnick (Rezzz) is an email marketing genius (my words not his). He is the founder of NurtureKit, a ConvertKit consultancy aimed to help companies sell more effectively using email without bashing their readers over the head.

Email marketing can be complicated and overwhelming. But today, I'm going to show you how you can create a salesperson sequence that runs on autopilot and makes you sales while you sleep.

Who am I? I’m Jason Resnick, an email marketing and automation expert and founder of NurtureKit. I help Course Creators, Digital Product Creators, and Coaches double revenue from their email list in 90 days without using email as a blunt tool to broadcast to everyone because of the unclear path they have for a subscriber to become a customer, so that they, as the business owner, can build a business designed around the life they want to live.

Was the "make sales while you sleep" BuzzFeed-like, sure.

But the reality is, that's what this campaign is designed to do.

I've implemented this simple strategy for many clients over the years. One client shared that this campaign has driven $500k in revenue over two years, and he's moved away from the open-and-close cart launch model entirely.

Most businesses take a "spray and pray approach" with their email marketing, hoping to push offers out to everyone on their list to make sales.

What typically happens with the spray and pray model is subscribers will be pushed away instead.

This campaign, the Salesperson Campaign, draws the subscriber in deeper because they have virtually raised their hand, saying, "I'm ready to buy."

"Don't want to be sales-y"

If you are like most creators I know, including myself, selling and pitching is something you don't enjoy doing.

  • It doesn't "feel right" to pitch
  • Don't want people to unsubscribe from the list
  • Not sure it's the right time to push an offer

However, setting this up in your email marketing allows you to be yourself but with the intention to drive clicks to your products and sales pages. Then have a specific sequence take over and make the sale very human and natural.

This happens because it's timely and based on the subscriber's actions and behavior.

Here's how step by step:

Step 1: What products or services are we offering?

This first step is the hardest part of the whole campaign, but it's the part that sparks everything else.

Think of it like this. If you are standing in Best Buy and looking at a TV for 10 minutes, wouldn't a salesperson walk up and see if you needed any help or had any questions?

Of course. That's the core premise of this sequence and automation.

The conversation between your subscriber and "a salesperson."

So the first step is understanding the key pages to link to in emails that lead to sales.

These are the links to share in emails so the subscriber can stand in front of your products, showing a buying interest.

Step 2: Notice your subscriber's actions

So many businesses tag every click and track every metric in their emails.

But get paralyzed with what to do with all that information.

Now that you've selected your key links in step 1, you only track those and know what action to take.

In ConvertKit, you can track those with tags and rules. On other platforms, you can send the subscriber off into other automations.

Whatever the case, you want to count the number of times a subscriber clicks on a link within a specific timeframe.

Send them into this sequence when they reach three within a 30-day period.

Why three times in 30 days?

If someone visits your sales page 3 times in a month and hasn't yet purchased, it isn't answering a question they have or doing a good enough job at closing them.

But they are showing a strong buying signal.

So by pulling them out into a sequence like a salesperson, we can dive into relevant customer testimonials, ask them to reply with their questions, hop on a call, or go deeper into the product's benefits targeted at the subscriber's desires and motivations.

Step 3: Send the S.A.L.E.S. Sequence

Step 3 is the easiest part because the subscriber is interested in buying through their actions.

The copy writes itself since the emails land in the subscriber's inbox in a specific frame of mind.

The sequence is a five email sequence.

  • (S) Specify: Callout, Approach them, and Go Deeper Into "Why" and How It Relates.
  • (A) Association: Tell a story of another customer and their transformation as it relates to the subscriber.
  • (L) Link: Tell a story of your transformation / Use feelings and results.
  • (E) Emotion / Empathy: Bring it back to earth because you don't have all the answers, but you know this.
  • (S) Show: Share another story / Assumption here is that they've seen other products like yours and are still on the fence / Contrast what is different about yours than others like it.

Now all that's left is sending your regular emails out as you usually would to put links in them that trigger clicks to this campaign.

With this foundation, you can confidently send out broadcasts knowing that you've got a salesperson in your email marketing that works behind the scenes to help your subscribers and drive more sales.

By putting an evergreen sequence into your email marketing, you can put all this on autopilot.

If you'd like more information on how to do that, sign up for Evergreen, the newsletter for creators to 2X their business using email marketing.

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Podcast of Note

A friend of mine, Tanner Campbell, is a podcaster and is now doing podcasting fulltime with his podcast Practical Stoicism. The show is a easily digestible take on stoicism and is very approachable. It's well worth a listen.

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