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A career ladder worth climbing

This week on Inside Intercom Hey there, It's no secret that the “Great Resignation” has taken over the tech world, causing one of the biggest reshuffling of talent the industry has ever seen.
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Bring a human touch to your automation

help your support team do what they do best Hey there, Support professionals do what they do because they love to help people, so spending all their time on repetitive queries is a one-way route to job
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What would you do with 2.5k extra hours per week?

And no, we're not talking about Facebook going down. Hey there, There's never enough time in the day, right? This is especially true when you're trying to deliver a support experience that
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Great products feel effortless

This week on Inside Intercom Hey there, Around six months ago our Senior Director of Product Management Brian Donohue finally took the plunge and sank a lot of cash into a second vacuum cleaner – a
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Is your support tech stack future-ready?

Future-proof your support offering. Hey there, Customers are no longer willing to battle legacy support tools that don't understand their needs. Your support team shouldn't have to either. A
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Can you predict your customers' needs? – this week on Inside Intercom

Crystal ball optional. Hey there, You're not psychic. (Unless…?) But when it comes to providing personalized, efficient customer support at scale, you kind of need to be. Nowadays, customers are
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The full-stack product marketer – this week on Inside Intercom

The ins and outs of how we do product marketing Hey there, As a product-first company, our Product Marketing team has always had a crucial role at Intercom. ​​Of course, not all companies go about
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Celebrating our first decade – this week on Inside Intercom

Reflecting on the past, building for the future. Hey there, This past week, we celebrated Intercom's 10th anniversary – a decade since our co-founders began their mission to make internet business
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Scaling strategically – this week on Inside Intercom

You can grow your own way. Hey there, This month, Intercom turns 10. In that time, we've gone from a few founders with an "aha" moment to over 700 people across five global offices. So
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Getting proactive about support

If somebody is reaching out to you, that means you're on the defense. Hey there, Customer expectations are at an all-time high today. And at the same time, support teams are seeing spikes in
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Scaling your brand’s magic

Growing up doesn't mean giving up creativity Hey there, As your company grows to serve a larger pool of customers, there will come an inflection point where your brand will need to grow up too. At
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Gold-medal-worthy customer support

Look after your team so they can succeed with your customers Hey there, While many of us can't relate to the superhuman sporting skills on show at the Olympics right now, we've definitely
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Office life is preparing to make a comeback

The great work-from-home experiment moves on to its next phase. Hey there, For all the extroverts in the world, the long-awaited return to the office feels tantalizingly close. For many of us, the
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Changing the conversation around conversational support

It's not just for support teams. Hey there, It's clearer than ever that customers (and businesses) prefer conversational support – but did you know that it can be used to power your entire
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Charting your course for growth

The only thing harder than designing and growing a company is designing and growing your career. Hey there, Are you ready to take over the world? As your business grows, you need to start thinking
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Go slow to grow fast

Intercom is OOO Hey there, Scaling a company can be rewarding, but also exhausting. This is especially true after the challenging year (and a half) we've all experienced. Taking frequent breaks is
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Being out while the world is in

Happy Pride month! Hey there, Every year, Pride is a time for the Intercom team to reflect, learn, and celebrate. This June marks the second year of doing things a little differently, and many of us
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The return of office work

Are you ready? Hey there, If you're feeling apprehensive about returning to the office, you're not alone. It's been over a year since our homes became home offices, but with ever-increasing
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Our approach to remote onboarding

Fostering connections while apart. Hey there, Starting a new job can be an exciting yet daunting experience, particularly during a pandemic. Along with many other companies, in March of last year, we
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A three-step framework to align your team

Don't rush into a solution. Hey there, Not every problem is created equal, and their solutions shouldn't be either. Some solutions are obvious quick wins for your customers, some require more