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How To Audit Your Instagram Account In 5 minutes By Yourself? • The Best Way to Plan OKRs • My 7 Most Miserable Facebook Ad Mistakes Building A $9000/Month Side Business • What is a Lead Magnet? (Plus 12 Easy Examples) • These 7 techniques have helped every business owner grow their leads on Instagram • How to Overcome Writer’s Block with Neuroscience • Improve conversion rates in emails with these 3 techniques • Avoiding Burnout as a Social Media Manager (With Advice From Our Very Own Social Media Manager) • Branded Search vs. Non-Branded Search: What’s the Difference? • SparkToro & Followerwonk Joint Twitter Analysis: 19.42% of Active Accounts Are Fake or Spam
Sunday May, 2022

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How to Overcome Writer’s Block with Neuroscience
Kelton ReidMay 19

When you’re learning how to overcome writer’s block, it can be helpful to keep in mind that there are approximately...

The post How to Overcome Writer’s Block with Neuroscience appeared first on Copyblogger.

Improve conversion rates in emails with these 3 techniques
Anna SaraynaMay 18

If you want to improve conversion rates in your emails, here are 3 science-based sales techniques you can try.

The post Improve conversion rates in emails with these 3 techniques appeared first on Copywriting for startups and marketers.

Avoiding Burnout as a Social Media Manager (With Advice From Our Very Own Social Media Manager)
Tamilore OladipoMay 19
Burnout is a growing phenomenon among social media managers, with people in the role pointing out the platforms they manage as major contributors. Here's how you can avoid it as you grow your social media management career.
Branded Search vs. Non-Branded Search: What’s the Difference?
Mateusz MakosiewiczMay 20
  In other words, what about attracting people who are exactly searching for your business? Naturally, you can optimize your website for these kinds of queries too. In this guide, I’ll explain how to do that. We’ll cover the following:
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SparkToro & Followerwonk Joint Twitter Analysis: 19.42% of Active Accounts Are Fake or Spam
Rand FishkinMay 15
TL;DR – From May 13-15, 2022, SparkToro and Followerwonk conducted a rigorous, joint analysis of five datasets including a variety of active (i.e. tweeting) and non-active accounts. The analysis we believe to be most compelling uses 44,058 public Twitter accounts active in the last 90 days. These accounts were randomly …


Duck, Duck, Post! 🦆
Victoria KellyMay 19

This week's recap is all about social posts, pages, and (somehow) ducks.

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[BEST OF] How to Blow Shit Up And Make a Difference
https:Louis GrenierMay 17

Cindy Gallop calls herself "The Michael Bay of Business" because she "blows shit up." Enough said?


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How To Build Great Leadership Teams

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Jack McGuinness. Jack is a management consultant with over 35 years of experience. After serving with the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division, he helped build a successful boutique management consulting firm where he served as COO for …

(Real) Strategies For Paid Communities
Copyblogger Media LLCMay 18

On this week’s episode, Tim Stoddart (@timstodz) and Ethan Brooks (@damn_ethan) talk about upcoming changes to the CopyBlogger paid community, how Tim decided on those changes, and the lessons you can apply to your own paid products. They dive into business structure, the psychology of money, …

The Good Customer is Always Right
John Wall and Christopher PennMay 19

In this Marketing Over Coffee: In this episode learn about Leveling up Twitter Chat, Culture of Trust, Quantum Machine Learning and more! Direct Link to File Brought to you by our sponsors:Terminus and Wix Twitter Deal on Hold Is Culture of Trust the answer to The Great Resignation? 7:56 Terminus …

Company laid off 95% of their marketing department

My employer just laid off 95% of the marketing department (including yours truly) under the belief that sales can accomplish the same thing as marketing.

Everyone from email and website to social marketing are all gone.

So if there are any job openings, let me know.

A heartfelt thank you to this sub Reddit

A few days I posted about a sudden layoff that happened to, the response was so supportive that I was in shock.

Went from the lowest point that I have been in years, to getting almost 10 interview requests in the last few days. A large in the real of …

21+ Effective Marketing Resources You Need!

Hey I’m Jaskaran, Author of The Social Juice. I curate weekly marketing updates and resources for my subscribers. Here are 21+ resources I found in last few weeks!

Starting with Books

  1. This is Marketing by Seth Godin ( Voted by 137+ Redditors)
  2. Cashvertising By Drew Eric Whiteman ( 15 Tweets …

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Taylor Lagace @TaylorLagace

Our strategy scaled Animalhouse Fitness from 0 to $14,525,749 with Facebook Ads in 18 months.

This put them in the top 1% FASTEST growing stores on Shopify.

Here’s how to run ads without ever losing money — with ANY creative:

172May 20 · 4:57 PM
Aleyda Solis 🇺🇦 @aleyda

A free tool that I use every time I do a technical SEO audit: PageSpeed Compare - The easiest way to get in *bulk* Core Web Vitals lab & field metrics along with opportunities. Great to assess your top URLs and benchmark with competitors' pages 👌 Use it!

158May 19 · 8:58 AM
Andrea Bosoni @theandreboso

Once you learn marketing you’ll never look at a website the same way again.

35May 20 · 8:02 AM
Daniel Murray @Dmurr68

Name a marketing tool/software that you couldn't live without?

I'll start: @canva

30May 20 · 9:18 AM
Amanda Natividad @amandanat

what job do you think you’d be great at despite having no experience?

21May 18 · 9:21 AM
Tim Soulo 🇺🇦 @timsoulo

Here's how to find THOUSANDS of relevant blogs for guest posting in under 60 seconds:

1. Open @ahrefs Content Explorer
2. Search for your keyword in page Titles
3. Filter by website's search traffic & DR
4. One page per domain + Exclude homepages & subdomains

And done! 😎

54May 17 · 8:59 PM
Jay Acunzo @jayacunzo

I don’t understand how people with kids get anything done.

(It’s me. I’m people with kids.)

11May 18 · 6:32 AM
Chase Dimond | Email Marketing Nerd 📧 @ecomchasedimond

Copywriting Simplified:

1. Make them read the headline (curiosity)
2. Make them interested (story)
3. Make them read the body (objection handling)
4. Make them believe you (proof)
5. Make them click (buttons)

Simple, not easy.

43May 18 · 3:40 PM
Rand Fishkin @randfish

A number of reporters have reached out to @sparktoro asking about the "Joe Biden fake followers" story. So, much as we'd like to get back to work on our actual business...

A brief thread on that front.

62May 18 · 9:44 AM
Lenny Rachitsky @lennysan

If your product has a dark mode, what % of usage is in dark vs. light mode?

(helping a founder decide whether or not to add a dark mode)

16May 21 · 7:46 PM
Kevin_Indig @Kevin_Indig

Sad day. RIP, @bill_slawski 🙏🏻. One of the greats.

9May 19 · 6:25 PM
Marketing Examples @GoodMarketingHQ

“Do something. If it works, do more of it. If it doesn't, do something else.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt

20May 19 · 2:59 AM
Nik Sharma @mrsharma

Spent the last 4 days on the road & feeling grateful going back to NYC.

• Onboarded a @hooxco employee
• Met w/ our manufacturer & 3PL
• Caught up with @saradietschy
• Bought a co on @microacquire
• Launched a pod w/ @moizali

Let’s see what can happen in the next 4 days 🤔

3May 18 · 3:05 PM
Ross Simmonds @TheCoolestCool

Pro Tip: Create a culture where it’s okay to have a bad idea, if your marketing team is scared to share an idea because they’ll be judged — it’s a horrible scenario.

20May 19 · 11:57 AM
Matthew Kobach @mkobach

An underrated skill for working at a start-up that I don’t see mentioned too often: The ability to make quick decisions.

Especially if the decision is reversible or relatively trivial.

14May 21 · 1:43 AM
Matt Navarra @MattNavarra

The most followed verified journalists on Twitter 🔥
1. @maddow
2. @andersoncooper
3. @RajatSharmaLive

14May 18 · 11:07 AM
Katelyn Bourgoin ⚡️ @KateBour

People waste so much time hunting for growth hacks and silver bullets

Imagine if they invested the same effort in actually learning from buyers?

Insights = 🚀🚀🚀

9May 17 · 5:43 PM
Blake Emal @heyblake

People don’t hate marketing.

And they don’t hate sales.

They just hate false claims.

12May 19 · 7:56 PM
April Dunford @aprildunford

Business is going so good, my accountant invited me to their golf tournament. Simultaneously happy and also wtf.

0May 18 · 4:41 PM
Corey Haines 💡 @coreyhainesco

Who are the best dev shops that build MVPs for early startups?

8May 20 · 7:33 PM
Joel Klettke @JoelKlettke

This has been a long time coming:

At Case Study Buddy, we truly believe that if you want to maximize your ROI from every case study, telling that story in one way, in one place, won't cut it.

Which is why we're all in on our mission to being able to produce it all for you.

16May 18 · 11:10 AM
JH Scherck @JHTScherck

There's a huge focus on building a "personal brand" -- but if selling services, I'd opt for a strong professional network instead. Truly hellish leads come from Twitter, the best leads (with short sales cycles) come from the peers of existing customers.

0May 18 · 4:53 PM

Thanks for reading!

Have a great week. 🤓

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