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3 Important Things I Learned About YouTube From My Faceless Channel • The Complete Guide to Copywriting Formulas: Get Better Conversions • Practical Steps to Generate a Winning Guest Post • Just Because You’re in Business Doesn’t Mean Your Ads Should Be Boring • I Am a Female Writer From Third World Country and My Pronouns Are Pay Me….. • How to Write Subheadings that Hook (and Re-hook) Your Readers • A user journey example if you’re new to the term “user journey” • How to Use Social Media to Build Connections and Grow Your Career • How to Easily Find a Niche for Affiliate Marketing in 2022 • Google, Apple, and Amazon Stifle Innovation When They Favor Their Own Products
Sunday June, 2022

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How to Write Subheadings that Hook (and Re-hook) Your Readers
Pamela WilsonJun 16

Before we dive into how to write subheadings, have you heard about RADD? (I doubt it, because I just invented...

The post How to Write Subheadings that Hook (and Re-hook) Your Readers appeared first on Copyblogger.

A user journey example if you’re new to the term “user journey”
Anna SaraynaJun 15

A user journey is the experience a user has when interacting with your brand. Learn how to craft your own with these easy-to-follow tips.

The post A user journey example if you’re new to the term “user journey” appeared first on Copywriting for startups and marketers.

How to Use Social Media to Build Connections and Grow Your Career
Tamilore OladipoJun 16
It’s more important than ever to understand how to use social media for professional growth. In this article, we’ll be talking about different ways social media can impact our professional lives and how you can use that to your advantage to grow your career.
How to Easily Find a Niche for Affiliate Marketing in 2022
Bill WidmerJun 16
However, what if I told you there is an easy way to find profitable affiliate niches passively without doing much (or any) extra work? Well, you’re in luck! Today, I’m going to share what makes a good affiliate niche, how
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Google, Apple, and Amazon Stifle Innovation When They Favor Their Own Products
Rand FishkinJun 14
The SparkToro team got an exciting surprise on Sunday evening: a mention of our research on Last Week Tonight by John Oliver. The full episode, Big Tech Monopolies, is available on YouTube. It covers an issue I’ve railed against before, but with a heightened sense of urgency: there is actually …
How to Create a Marketing Playbook for Consistent Campaigns
Gareth HancockJun 16

Consistency is the cornerstone of good marketing. You only have to look at top brands to see this in action: Apple’s sleekness, Coca-Cola’s playfulness, Disney’s magic. Consistency is equally critical for startups. Stacked Marketer turned a free newsletter into a six-figure revenue generator by staying actionable, convenient, and entertaining.  Being …

The Power of Second-Order Pain Points
Ryan LawJun 17

One of the simplest (and best) content marketing strategies is to write about pain points — the ugly problems your product is designed to solve. This strategy is a bona fide triple threat. You can attract new visitors, solve a sticky issue for them, and introduce your product as a …


Peachy Keen Content 🍑
Victoria KellyJun 16

Keep sites safe, SEO boosted, and social media shining in this week's recap.

The post Peachy Keen Content 🍑 appeared first on Carney.


[BEST OF] More Isn’t Always Better: Challenging the 'Growth at All Costs' Mindset
https:Louis GrenierJun 14

Paul Jarvis, the author of "Company of One", challenges the “Growth at All Costs” mindset that cripples companies. Such a contrarian view of the world.


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How To Grow Your Business Like A Weed

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Stu Heinecke. Stu is a bestselling business author, marketer, andWall Street Journalcartoonist. His first book,How to Get a Meeting with Anyone,introduced the concept of Contact Marketing and was named one of the top 64 …

How to Automate Your Agency
Copyblogger Media LLCJun 15

On this week’s episode, Tim Stoddart (@timstodz) and Ethan Brooks (@damn_ethan) talk through the automations that Tim uses to allow his agency to run smoothly, remotely, and without a ton of his micromanagement. These ideas will transfer to other types of service businesses too, so check …

Live from Montenegro
John Wall and Christopher PennJun 16

In this Marketing Over Coffee: In this episode learn about Keynote Captioning, Email Images, Server Side Google Tag Manager and more! Direct Link to File Brought to you by our sponsors:Terminus and Wix Real time close captioning and translation in PowerPoint PowerPoint vs. Keynote 6:32 – 7:46 Terminus – the …

Marketers, let’s talk salaries!
  1. How old are you?
  2. What’s your role?
  3. What’s your salary?
  4. What country are you in?

Did a similar post in another sub and thought it would be really interesting to get a Marketing discussion going. Glassdoor is likely pretty outdated, and for those wanting to progress in their careers or …

Here's what I learned spending 1m/month on FB and Linkedin ads for tech companies

I worked at an agency helping some of the biggest tech clients by managing their paid social spend. companies like zoom, slack, and drift. all at the same time.

they combined had a monthly spend of 1.5 million/month and here's what I learned to help you no matter what your …

Here’s What Happened Last Week On Social Media (Marketer’s Edition)
  1. Google May 2022 Brand Core Update roll out is completed now, Read All about it here.
  2. Tiktok is launching a screen time usage reminder like YouTube & IG.
  3. Twitter will hand over spam bot data to Elon musk to seal $61 billion deal.
  4. Instagram let’s you pin your posts from …

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Jeremy Moser @jmoserr

10 KEY copywriting formulas that will increase conversions, make your marketing effective, and make you money:

254Jun 15 · 8:16 AM
Taylor Lagace @TaylorLagace

Paying influencers for posts on TikTok is a BAD idea

Instead, we build genuine relationships with +10,000 influencers every month

Saving +$300,000 and filtering out “bad fits” before we ever spend a penny

Here’s the entire playbook:

178Jun 17 · 5:04 PM
Ross Simmonds @TheCoolestCool

Search intent should be studied in Universities to help marketing students understand the role that search plays in buying decisions.

Smart SEOs study the intent behind a keyword just as much as they study the volume associated with it.

Let’s dive in 🧵

107Jun 15 · 8:13 PM
April Dunford @aprildunford

Every non-marketer on the planet believes they are secretly a genius at writing taglines.

33Jun 15 · 11:12 AM
Matthew Kobach @mkobach

The “bring your whole self to work” era is over

28Jun 18 · 11:28 AM
Andrea Bosoni @theandreboso

It breaks my heart seeing good products fail because their founders suck at marketing.

38Jun 17 · 2:54 AM
Daniel Murray @Dmurr68

Marketing lesson:

Remind people about their current pain point and give them a solution.

59Jun 17 · 7:05 AM
Amanda Natividad @amandanat

On email marketing...

Tired: Hi, <firstname>! Here is our content.

Wired: If you know me well, you've probably heard me harp on this a few times. Yes, <firstname>, this is a rant and you might wanna buckle up.

39Jun 16 · 8:43 AM
Chase Dimond | Email Marketing Nerd 📧 @ecomchasedimond


Here are some power words you can use in your copy:

- Basic
- Cheat Sheet
- Easy
- Effortless
- Discover
- Hack
- Latest
- New
- Completely
- Detailed
- Practical
- Ultimate
- Master
- Absolute
- All-inclusive
- Authentic
- First

Bookmark this one.

61Jun 17 · 12:58 PM
Katelyn Bourgoin ⚡️ @KateBour

No one cares what your product does

Until they understand what it can do for *them*

52Jun 17 · 2:00 PM
Aazar Shad @Aazarshad

Three best friends invested $10K in their business and turned it into a $30m company in 3 years.

The crazy part?

They used a psychological cue - distinctiveness to grow their ecommerce business.

7 lessons that you can instantly apply to your business:

38Jun 16 · 7:02 AM
Nik Sharma @mrsharma

The days when you can rely on a single channel for marketing or distribution are over.

These are 6 strategies we think about with brands today 👇

31Jun 16 · 10:19 AM
Rand Fishkin @randfish

KW tools get their data from:
- Clickstream panels
- Google Ads API
- Google Suggest/Trends API

Some smart SEO software player could probably compare those against popular phrasing on the social+content web, hit the Suggest API, then return KWs other tools don't show.

30Jun 17 · 7:54 AM
Aleyda Solis 🇺🇦 @aleyda

What Tips would you give to people learning SEO with free online courses? I'm opening a new section in #LearningSEO and I will feature your Tips! 🙌🤩

14Jun 16 · 2:53 AM
Matt Navarra @MattNavarra

😮 LEAKED MEMO: Facebook plans ‘discovery engine’ feed change to compete with TikTok

And its bringing Messenger back into the main Facebook app

Great scoop by @alexeheath…

43Jun 15 · 10:29 AM
Blake Emal @heyblake

Your best ideas come when you stop trying to coming up with ideas

11Jun 16 · 5:30 AM
Jay Acunzo @jayacunzo

I don't love anything as much as marketers love talking about "content repurposing."

5Jun 15 · 5:22 PM
Joel Klettke @JoelKlettke

I might be too cynical, but I absolutely HATE the video content where someone films themselves 'gifting' someone in a vulnerable position a bunch of money or stuff or whatever.

It feels like the grossest put-on ever.

0Jun 17 · 12:04 PM
Pe:p Laja 🇺🇦 @peeplaja

Goodbye Austin heat!

Starting my annual pilgrimage to Estonia. You can find me in the forests for the next 2 months.

0Jun 17 · 7:51 AM
Lenny Rachitsky @lennysan

Kristen wrote one of my most popular guest posts (on how behavioral science can boost your conversion rates) and she's now teaching a course on how to improve your product development process based on lessons from behavioral science.

Kristen Berman @bermster

We humans don't always act rationally 🫣

How do you build behavioral change into your product by accounting for what people actually do, not what they say?

The answer (we're biased): behavioral design.

7Jun 15 · 1:17 PM
hiten.eth @hnshah

The most powerful belief you can have is to believe in yourself.

9Jun 17 · 5:08 PM
Brian Clark @BrianClark

Back in the early days, I routinely took down idiots on Twitter with a particular harshness that bordered on brilliance.

Then I foolishly tried to be nice last decade.

Now I'm over it in the 2020s.

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my compassion. Prepare to die.

0Jun 17 · 7:15 PM
Tim Soulo 🇺🇦 @timsoulo

Video of Russian missiles landing my hometown Mykolaiv (Ukraine). 🤬

I'm so sick and tired of this war.. and I'm not even living in Ukraine.

Can't even imagine what it's like for many millions who are there living this nightmare 😢

6Jun 17 · 7:56 PM
JH Scherck @JHTScherck

Awful take from the king of awful takes.

Higher interest rates make workers in places like Sheboygan and Indianapolis a lot more attractive than SF and Miami.

Please just stay in your lane: pumping crypto to an audience of rubes.

Pomp 🌪 @APompliano

Remote work will die at the hands of higher interest rates

2Jun 16 · 7:38 PM

Thanks for reading!

Have a great week. 🤓

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