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How Often You Should Post to Grow and Monetize Your Website • Four Daily Actions to Fill Your Freelance Pipeline Like a Pro • How I Used Discount Testing To Increase Revenue By 6X • Google Wants to Get Rid of Content Made Exclusively for SEO • 14 Reasons Your HARO Answers Aren’t Getting Picked Up • What Is An Email Autoresponder? (And How To Make One) • The Role of SEO in Mergers and Acquisitions • Embrace the High-Level Individual Contributor: How to Hire for This Unconventional Role • Your Blog Is Not a Publication (But It’s Not Just a Library Either) • What is an H1 Tag? Best Practices & Examples
Sunday March, 2024

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What Is An Email Autoresponder? (And How To Make One)
Megan MahoneyMar 21

Users want instant responses, but you don’t have time to sit in front of your email all day and immediately...

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The Role of SEO in Mergers and Acquisitions
Patrick StoxMar 21
Acquisitions can have a dramatic impact on your search visibility. Long ago, one of the main competitors of an engineering company I was working with shut down. I asked about acquiring their website and managed to get it for a
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Embrace the High-Level Individual Contributor: How to Hire for This Unconventional Role
Amanda NatividadMar 20
I’m SparkToro’s VP Marketing and here’s how I spent a recent afternoon: I sifted through our Google Analytics dashboard. I was looking for our most popular pages and copying them into a spreadsheet so that we can keep track of what needs to be updated for the public launch of …
Your Blog Is Not a Publication (But It’s Not Just a Library Either)
Jimmy DalyMar 21

Is your blog a library, a publication, or a bit of both? In this update to his 2018 post, Jimmy Daly revisits the debate and shares why audience-building must now be at the center of every content strategy.

The post Your Blog Is Not a Publication (But It’s Not Just …

What is an H1 Tag? Best Practices & Examples
Ankit VoraMar 22

The H1 tag is an HTML heading tag you can use to create the main title or highlight the primary subject of a webpage. It comprises an opening <h1> tag, the title text, and a closing </h1> tag. Here’s an example of an H1 tag in one of our blog …

11 of the Best B2B Content Marketing Agencies (How to Choose)
Benji HyamMar 21
Learn 4 key things that separate the best B2B content marketing agencies from the rest and compare 11 options.


Things matter for growing a newsletter
Ali AbouelattaMar 19
Lessons learnt from growing First 1000 over the past 4 years.
What’s Your Daylist? 🎧
Shannon SankeyMar 22

It's the new astrology sign.

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The Ultimate Recipe for Ranking
ducttapemarketing.comJohn JantschMar 21
In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interviewed Tim Brown, founder of Hook Agency, a leading SEO and web design firm specializing in home service businesses such as roofing companies, HVAC, and plumbing services. Tim shares his expertise on the ever-evolving world of SEO, shedding light on …
002: Common Ways Creators Overthink, Mount Rushmore of Influential Content
podcasters.spotify.comHeyCreatorMar 19

The HeyCreator Show is presented by — get 15% off a new subscription by using code HEYCREATOR at checkout.⁠

In today’s episode of The HeyCreator Show, Matt Ragland (⁠@mattragland⁠) and Tim Forkin (⁠@timforkindotcom⁠) center in on the common ways creators overthink their work — highlighting …

Now With More Groking Data Analysts
John Wall and Christopher PennMar 22

In this Marketing Over Coffee: Learn about Adding Data Science to Your Team, Rendering Video, Media Servers and more! Direct Link to File Brought to you by our sponsors: Wix Studio and The Generative AI for Marketing Course from Trust Insights Data Analyst vs. Marketing Analyst vs. Data Scientist When …

Try to Stay Away From Roles Called "Digital Marketing Manager/Executive/Senior..."

As someone who's been in PPC, SEO and more, I can tell you that I don't know many individuals who are genuinely good in all things Digital Marketing. I remember a few years ago when I was looking for a job, I'd constantly interview with companies looking for a Digital Marketing Manager. Upon interviewing with them, many said they were looking for someone good at SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, CRO, Email Marketing, JavaScript, CSS, and even Social Media. I was always confused about whether they were simply naive or plain unrealistic. These are individual areas that take time and experience to become great at. Yes, you can become good at more than one of these, but I find it insane to think that a Digital Marketing Executive is even a thing. It's as insane as wanting a striker who is good as a centre back, left-back, goalkeeper and even coach simultaneously. Most companies advertising these roles have heard about Digital Marketing and don't know what it entails. So, be ready for what's to come your way if you choose to go ahead with it. Been there.

Almost 20 Years In Digital Marketing - Cannot Even Get An Interview?

As the title says, I have 19 years in Digital Marketing under my belt and have been applying to different positions the last couple of months, but have been unable to even land an interview. Please tear my resume apart - what am I doing wrong? &#x200B; The positions I have been applying to are ones like Digital Marketing Director, Digital Marketing Manager, Director of Retention, Growth Marketing Manager, Performance Marketing Manager, Manager of Lifecycle, Director Paid Social, Associate Director, Account Services, Associate Director, Brand Experience at both brands and agencies. &#x200B; Ignore the font differences, when editing the PDF to remove personal information, the font wouldn't match.

Where's the big money being made in marketing?

Obviously C-suite or working for a big company, but I'm wondering if anyone here has specialised in an area or is making 6 figures in a niche area?

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