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Today's line up:
  • How much do fintech execs get paid?
  • Tiger Global's European startup shopping spree
  • Should Facebook's oversight board monitor other social platforms?
  • Why the university spinout system isn't broken


How much do fintech execs get paid?

Do fintechs pay their C-suite more than other sectors? How much do fintech CFOs, COOs and CTOs actually earn? And how does that compare to salaries in the US?

With the help of fintech recruiters Storm2, we’ve pulled data from a pool of over 20k fintech candidates to find out. 

See who makes the most here. 

\A message from our sponsor Soldo 

Europe’s businesses lose £301bn to outdated expense processes each year

Learn which tools could improve your startup’s efficiency and cut costs in Soldo’s latest business spending report. 

Read it here.

\For Members Venture Capital

New York investor Tiger Global is on a European startup shopping spree

Watch out European VCs, US investor Tiger Global is on the hunt for European startups and has invested in 16 of them this year so far — together worth €70bn.

So what's its strategy? Why the interest in Europe? And which startups are in its portfolio?

Freya Pratty finds out.

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\Policy & Regulation

Should Facebook's oversight board monitor other social platforms?

Facebook's oversight board, which is run by 20 politicians, lawyers, academics and journalists and moderates content, could expand its remit to moderate other social platforms too.

At least that's what one board member, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the former prime minister of Denmark, thinks.

She spoke to Sifted's John Thornhill.


No, the university spinout system isn't broken

Venture capitalists recently suggested that the operations of European universities and their technology transfer offices stifles growth and holds back entrepreneurs.

That is not the case, thinks Anne Lane, CEO of UCL Business, UCL's technology commercialisation company. 

Here's why.

\Sponsored by Google for Startups

Meet the startup putting offices on power saving mode

A recent report from the Green Alliance think tank says businesses across London, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds and Birmingham are wasting £60m worth of energy annually.

Enter Surple, a Welsh startup that wants to help businesses reduce carbon emissions, energy use and utility bills by analysing office building data. 

Sifted spoke to cofounder and CEO Peter Allan about the UK’s net zero emissions goal, and why Wales is perfectly placed for ambitious entrepreneurs.

Read here.

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