Europe's next IPOs: who's getting rich? 💸

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Today's line up:
  • Is the 'fintech vs big bank' culture war over?
  • Europe's next IPOs: who's getting rich?
  • How to figure out what stock options to offer
  • Meet Curb, the latest dark kitchen player which raised €20m


Is the 'fintech vs big bank' culture war over?

For many years, the relationship between big banks and fintechs has been reminiscent of that scene in Finding Nemo with the vegetarian sharks (banks) torn between befriending fish (fintechs) and having them for dinner.

But now, as fintech has matured, big banks want to harness their power and work in unison instead of against each other, thinks Sifted's senior reporter Isabel Woodford. (Well, most of them at least.)

Here's why. 

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Europe's next IPOs: who's getting rich?

Despite a slow year for European tech floats in 2020, the market is showing signs of heating up again.

We've seen European tech successes raise record growth rounds in recent months, which totalled $14.3bn in Q1 2021, up 202% year over year. This raises the stakes for a second half of 2021 rife with possible European tech IPOs.

But who is looking the most likely to list? And who's going to get the €€€?

Sifted has dug into the market to find out.

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\Startup Life

How to figure out what stock options to offer

In startup land, it's become relatively common for companies to give their employees stock options, which can be converted in to shares at a pre-agreed price.

But how should companies decide how much equity to set aside for the team? Who should have a piece of the pie? And how do you budget equity?

Michelle Coventry, VP of people operations at FiveAI shares her words of wisdom.


Dark kitchen startup Curb raises €20m as the sector heats up

European startups have been keen to get in on dark kitchens over the past few months — Deliveroo's doubling the number of its dark kitchens and so is Glovo, while French dark kitchen startup Taster took home $37m in April.

Now Swedish startup Curb has come into the fray — backed by big investors like EQT Ventures — and is turning its focus towards heaps of hard data to narrow down exactly what customers want.

Freya Pratty reports.

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