Marketing Weekly #29

Coca-Cola’s Genius Idea Won the Hearts of the LGBTQIA+ Community • How To Level up Your Email Marketing Strategy by Dual Wielding ConvertKit and Substack Newsletters • What’s in a Name? • You Can Share a Coke With Everyone —  Except a Few • BitClout, Bill Nye, blenders, and blunders • Ready to Charge More for Creative Work? Follow This Proven Process • How rest – not hustle culture – made me a better copywriter. • An Honest Look into our Engineering Team Engagement Survey • How to Write an Irresistible Headline in 3 Easy Steps • NEW in SparkToro: Demographics (also, our pricing tiers are changing tomorrow)
Sunday June, 2021

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Ready to Charge More for Creative Work? Follow This Proven Process

Pamela WilsonJun 21

Think you’re ready to charge more for creative work? Let’s visualize your morning for a sec.  The sun’s peeking out...

The post Ready to Charge More for Creative Work? Follow This Proven Process appeared first on Copyblogger.

How rest – not hustle culture – made me a better copywriter.

Carolyn BeaudoinJun 23

Imagine you’re a canary in a coal mine: You’re healthy as you enter the mine – full of joie de vivre. Singing to your heart’s content as you enter into the darkness. Fluttering your wings as only birds like you can. Later, you exit the mine. Except now you’re: Covered …

An Honest Look into our Engineering Team Engagement Survey

Katie WildeJun 24
In the spring of 2021, we put out an engagement survey to our engineering team to understand their experience at Buffer. In this post, we share the very honest and eye-opening survey results, and the action steps we plan to take from our learnings.

How to Write an Irresistible Headline in 3 Easy Steps

Brett G. FriedmanJun 24
how to write a headlineWhy? Because you have to win the click. And that’s the job of the headline. In this post you’ll learn how to write an irresistible headline that attracts clicks without being clickbait. But first… What is a headline? Why are
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NEW in SparkToro: Demographics (also, our pricing tiers are changing tomorrow)

Rand FishkinJun 21
Friends, I’ve got great news. If demographics data is valuable to your market research, targeting, persona-building, or marketing tasks, SparkToro just became your best friend. Much of the information you might have relied on in Facebook’s old Insights tool (before the Cambridge Analytica scandal) or Twitter’s Analytics (before they inexplicably …

How to Build a Product Launch Strategy

Tom WhatleyJun 25

An effective product launch strategy helps you generate awareness, build intrigue, and validate your product positioning. But it’s not a linear journey.  The best product launches take into account the product lifecycle—understanding where it fits into the bigger picture, and how to transition through each phase.  In this article, we’ll …



Victoria KellyJun 24

This week's round-up and takeaways, all for youuuu.

The post Bababooey appeared first on Carney.


Forget 87.5% of Your Marketing. Here's Why.

Only 12.5% of the volume of an iceberg remains above water. The rest can't be seen. Just like your marketing.


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Creating Content For Every Stage Of The Customer Journey

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I'm going to be talking about part two of a three-part solo show series I'm on the Marketing Hourglass. In part one, I talked about guiding the perfect customer journey and the marketing hourglass. In part two, I'm going to be …

How Curiosity and a Low Point in Life Helped Create a Global Podcast with Bilal Zaidi

Copyblogger Media LLCJun 24

It’s easy to feel “on top of the world” when things are going well in life. Inevitably, we all come across challenges and hardships. My guest today, used his hardships as inspiration to create one of the most popular podcasts of the time.

Bilal Zaidi is the host of Creator …

Now With Even More Creative from Pete Buhler – Part 2 Wall and Christopher PennJun 25

In this Marketing Over Coffee: In this episode learn about copywriting, design, client side vs. agency, and more! Direct Link to File Brought to you by our sponsors: StackAdapt and Terminus Buhler Creative – is where he’s at Avoiding Extreme Beige Going back to the Style Guide for a Refresh …

REPLAY: Have You Heard George’s Podcast? A Masterclass in Powerful Writing

3clips.castos.com3 Clips Podcast by CastosJun 21

When you host a podcast, your voice becomes a creative tool. Perhaps for the first time, you’re challenged to think about your words as something you wield, something you can strategically deploy to create meaning and inspire action in others. Your voice is just like any other medium (text, imagery, …

Resilient News: Leading through Change with Kat Cole

share.transistor.fmShopifyJun 25
This Friday, Kristen is joined with Kat Cole to cover the hottest industry news and trends of the week. Sadly we have reached the finale of Resilient News! To finish the season off we chat about leading through change, having empathy as a business owner, and staying on track with …

Tyler the Creator

There is no denying modern marketing can be unprecedented. It seems like every day it's changing so I wanted to bring up a marketing plan that got me really well.

For my hip hop heads who love the old Tyler the Creator music you probably already know about his new …

Some upcoming content/marketing opportunities over the next few days is where all the events below were collected in case it’s useful to any of you (I didn’t find these myself).

Monday (Today)

  • 📦 Amazon Prime Day kicks off — June 21st - 22nd
  • 🤳 National Selfie Day
  • 🎼 World Music Day
  • 🧘‍♀️ International Day of Yoga …

Some Valuable Certifications for Marketers

  • Google Ads Certification
  • Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification
  • HubSpot Content Marketing Certification
  • Google Analytics IQ Certification
  • Facebook BluePrint Certification
  • Digital Garage: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certification
  • YouTube Certification
  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification
  • Stanford University’s Machine Learning Certification

Marketing Jobs on →


Matthew Kobach @mkobach

Once you realize that exercise is a form of medicine, your relationship with it is forever changed

456Jun 26 · 8:09 AM
Matt Navarra @MattNavarra

NEW! @instagram lets you create + publish posts via desktop!

239Jun 24 · 7:25 AM
Nik Sharma @mrsharma

eCommerce has unintentionally created a category of human "Digital Unicorns" 🦄

Digital Unicorns are humans who can single-handedly:

• run organic social
• product content (photo, video, gifs)
• understand the consumer journey
• merchandise/manage a site
• run paid media

67Jun 24 · 9:38 AM
Chase Dimond | Email Marketing Nerd 📧 @ecomchasedimond

What you think you need:

- Logo
- Brand guidelines
- Branding
- Mission
- Vision
- Office space
- VCs
- More money
- More people

What you actually need:

- Call & email more people

84Jun 23 · 1:03 PM
Andrea Bosoni @theandreboso

I just launched Zero to Marketing on Product Hunt 🥳

In case you don’t know, every two weeks I pick a website and write a short case study explaining exactly how I’d grow it.

I’d really appreciate your support!…

47Jun 25 · 12:05 AM
Aleyda Solis 👩🏻‍💻 @aleyda

* What’s your favorite free SEO tool and why?

* What free SEO tool would you recommend to someone learning SEO? Why?

Send me a tweet with your answers and I’ll quote you in a new dedicated free SEO tools section in #LearningSEO 🙌 ⚒️ 🤩

43Jun 24 · 11:38 PM
Taylor Holiday @TaylorHoliday

eMail is the index fund of marketing.

Unsexy, secure, predictable gains.

30Jun 25 · 8:35 AM
Tim Soulo @timsoulo

Core Web Vitals now in @ahrefs! 🥳

You can now easily pull CWV data right into Site Audit and compare it against other SEO metrics that we have there.

Right now it's only accessible via "Page explorer" tool, but we're planning to add some nice graphs/reports going forward 😉

47Jun 24 · 9:18 PM
April Dunford @aprildunford

I had a boss like this once...wait, it actually was him.

Deirdre Bosa @dee_bosa

C3ai CEO @TomSiebel isn't worried about missing out on talent

"there are lots of opportunities if ppl want to work from home or stay-at-home mothers...they can go work for Salesforce or Google or Facebook"

C3ai doesn't need them

6Jun 25 · 2:08 PM
Jay Acunzo @jayacunzo

I worked for Google and HubSpot, and I was miserable. I’ve also built startups nobody’s ever heard of and routinely make projects barely 100 people see. Yet those make me happy.

College mostly sold me one script: “famous brand = success.”

But that’s wrong. And not my script.

16Jun 24 · 7:08 PM
Wil Reynolds @wilreynolds

More CEOs don't give themselves a salary than you think, they work their asses, launch products, speak at conferences all while not taking a pay. If you are brave enough to share please do, links, stories, whateve...It's a reality people need to hear.

19Jun 24 · 5:32 AM
Rand Fishkin @randfish

I loved Russ like a brother. For years, I'd say yes to any event in NC just to have the chance to see him, Morgan, and their girls. Miss you already my friend and always will.

Dr. Pete Meyers @dr_pete

My friend and colleague, @rjonesx, passed away unexpectedly on Thursday. Russ was probably best known for his razor-sharp wit on Twitter, but he was a generous friend, loyal to a fault (even at work), and glowed with love for his family. I can't wrap my head around any of it.

4Jun 26 · 9:37 AM
Christina Garnett @ThatChristinaG

Community isn't simply a marketing tactic. It isn't just marketing.

It can be used for your GTM and can enhance your other efforts but it should be integrated into each department.

Just as each department can touch customers, so each department can touch the community.

16Jun 25 · 6:02 PM
Carrie Rose @CarrieRosePR

Honest post: I don’t think I’ve ever been depressed, so I’m not quite sure what that feels like. But over the last few months, I’ve been down. And I mean really down.

I’ve felt like I lost my purpose, my drive, I’ve felt lost and worthless. And what a strange feeling to

0Jun 23 · 1:13 PM
Katelyn Bourgoin ⚡️ @KateBour

The smartest people I know are constantly UNLEARNING

They’re unlearning:

> Limiting beliefs
> Old ways that don’t work anymore
> What *really* drives their customers (vs. What they thought mattered)

What have you unlearned lately?

9Jun 25 · 8:29 AM
Corey Haines 💡 @coreyhainesco

SEOs 👋 what's the best link-building service/method these days?

Asking for a friend.

5Jun 25 · 9:56 AM
Kevin_Indig @Kevin_Indig

Just got a glimpse at the launch list for @Shopify Unite and... let's just say it's going to be epic.

8Jun 25 · 6:56 AM
Miles Beckler @milesbeckler

If you sell a course that delivers video....

For the love of god set it up so I can 2x speed through it.


Get to the friggin point.

Thank you.

Your customers

4Jun 26 · 9:26 AM
Gari Cruze @garicruze

Ad people make ads specifically to please themselves. The ol' "Ads for ad people" maxim has never been more true than today.

Ryan Wallman @Dr_Draper

This is brilliant.

1Jun 24 · 8:31 PM
Brittany Berger @thatbberg

Baby steps make big things happen. That's why I'm doing #Ship30for30

2Jun 26 · 8:33 AM

Thanks for reading!

Have a great week. 🤓

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