Marketing Weekly #30

A 5-Step Presentation Formula That Makes Speaking Engagements So Much Easier • The Bizarre Story of an Invisible Statue That Was Both Sold and Sued • How Otter Will Revolutionise Your Transcripts • Do You Use These 10 Marketing Buzzwords? If so, Please Stop • How I Built a Marketplace on BitClout — And Secured $14k in Pre-Launch • Steal Our SEO Specialist Job Description Template • 21 Unique Selling Proposition Examples (and Why they Work) • We Analyzed 3.6 Billion Articles. Here’s What We Learned About Evergreen Content • 🍣Snackpass: The Pickup Artist • Mulligan…
Sunday July, 2021

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Steal Our SEO Specialist Job Description Template

Si Quan OngJul 1
seo job descriptionSounds like someone you’re trying to hire? We’ve got your back. We scoured popular hiring portals like LinkedIn and Indeed for commonalities in SEO Specialist job descriptions. Then we asked 15 SEO hiring managers—both agency and client-side—to see if these
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21 Unique Selling Proposition Examples (and Why they Work)

Tom WhatleyJun 30

Your unique selling proposition (USP) is what separates you from the competition. For customers, it’s a reason to trust and choose you ahead of someone else. For you, it’s the linchpin that powers your sales and marketing efforts. But what does a USP look like?    In this article, we’ll demonstrate …

We Analyzed 3.6 Billion Articles. Here’s What We Learned About Evergreen Content

Brian DeanJun 29

We analyzed 3.6 billion articles to better understand evergreen content. Specifically, we looked at a number of different factors (including content formats and promotional channels) that may lead to a higher chance of publishing evergreen content. With the help of our data partner BuzzSumo, we learned a lot about why …


🍣Snackpass: The Pickup Artist

Ali AbouelattaJun 27
Food + Social = $$$


Victoria KellyJul 1

Oopsie poopsie. Get your Thursday tactic fix on a Friday!

The post Mulligan… appeared first on Carney.


Danielle Diamond — B2B Video Content, Narrative Production, & SNL

share.transistor.fmCorey HainesJul 2

On the show today is Danielle Diamond. Danielle is the founder of Epiq Media and former video creator at Drift and User Interviews.

I wanted to bring her on because Danielle blends growth marketing with Hollywood creativity. She's directed content for companies like Drift, Privy, DGMG, User Interviews, Boundless, Loom, …

Helping And Inspiring Small Business Entrepreneurs All Across America

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Zach Lezberg. Zach is the Founder & CEO of The Show Producers, Small Business Expo, eComCon, ShowBiz Expo, and Small Business University.

How to Use Leverage to Grow Your Business at Massive Scale with Eric Jorgenson

Copyblogger Media LLCJul 1

A few months ago, I stumbled across the work of Eric Jorgenson. Eric had recently published his best-selling book, entitled “The Almanac of Naval Ravikant.

In his book, Eric breaks down and articulately conceptualizes the business concepts of leverage, which were introduced to him by a very …

Democracy Works: Bridging Academia and a General Audience (ft. Jenna Spinelle)

3clips.castos.com3 Clips Podcast by CastosJun 28

This episode features Jenna Spinelle, co-host and lead interviewer for the show Democracy Works. Produced by the McCourtney Institute for Democracy at Penn State and WPSU Penn State, this show seeks to answer questions about what it means to live in a democracy: they get into the structure and history …

The new weird: Navigating the next era of commerce with Kristen LaFrance

🥳 SEASON FINALE! Today is our final, regular programming for Season 2 of Resilient Retail. Today, our host Kristen LaFrance is walkig us through the three pillars of community-led retail, aka- the next era of successful commerce. Tune in to hear her thoughts, emotions, and heartfelt response to this season. …

I manage 17 social media accounts, help make my life easier.

Background: I am the sole social media manager at a full-service digital marketing agency. In the last couple months our interns have dwindled and hiring new (quality) people is proving to be difficult.

I manage 17 clients social medias at the moment, mostly just Facebook, Insta, and GMB, with …

The most common Facebook ad mistakes I see (how to fix poor performing campaigns)

I run Facebook ads for a living and thus, I have seen inside many ad accounts. There are many common mistakes/issues I come across.

A lot of people come to me for help with ads when they have only been running their business for a short amount of time and …

What do you call a coworker who constantly sweet talks the CEO, overpromises and under-delivers with most of his marketing ideas, is lazy with design, takes credit for things others have done, asks for a raise, and gets what he wants because the CEO likes him?

We all work for a law firm that holds conferences 4 times a year, and this coworker is the director of marketing responsible for website design, brochures, and email marketing. Everything is made with existing templates. Website is a template, brochure is a template, email marketing is all templates.

We …

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Matthew Kobach @mkobach

Everyone has a personal brand. Some people are just more deliberate about it.

70Jul 02 · 10:08 PM
Nik Sharma @mrsharma

Over the last 2 years building @SharmaBrands, there's 1 main asset I've realized is more precious than anything else:

My time ⏱

I've put together a personal operating system (OS) to allow me to manage my time better.

Here are 7 apps I use on a daily basis 🧵👇

35Jul 03 · 10:13 AM
Taylor Holiday @TaylorHoliday

When we arrived at our @Airbnb in Charleston there was an Amazon package on the doorstep addressed to us…


I texted the owner and he said he got a surprise for the kids.

Inside there was a lego set for each of them🤯

Remarkable service creates fans for life.

1Jul 03 · 7:39 AM
Chase Dimond | Email Marketing Nerd 📧 @ecomchasedimond

Skills and outreach take you from $0 to $10k.

Delegating and systems take you from $10k to $100k.

Black coffee and cold showers take you from $100k to $1M.

22Jul 02 · 10:35 AM
Hiten Shah @hnshah

A lot of people talk about timing in startups. What isn’t said often enough is to start asap. Don’t worry about timing. Just get started, there is never really a good or bad time to start. In fact, it has gotten harder in more ways than it’s gotten easier over time.

35Jul 02 · 3:42 PM
Lenny Rachitsky @lennysan

What early-stage startups have a relatively easy time hiring amazing people (particularly engineers), and what do you think makes them so successful?

17Jul 01 · 1:26 PM
Matt Navarra @MattNavarra

social media manager lifehacks you wish you'd known sooner...

23Jul 02 · 12:52 AM
Brian Clark @brianclark

The last year-and-a-half has been a time of disruption that led to reflection. Now, we’re seeing the result.

People have realized that life is too short to work for a bad boss, or earn a living that provides compensation but not satisfaction.…

35Jul 01 · 8:30 AM
marco marandiz @allthingsmarco

Don't underestimate the impact that pricing details have on your brand and positioning.

$49.99 vs $50 - affordable vs simple
$50 vs $125 - commodity vs premium
20% off vs never discounted - overpriced vs honest

You got others?

13Jul 02 · 1:13 PM
Andrea Bosoni @theandreboso

Zero to Marketing passed 5k subscribers! 🥳

1Jul 01 · 7:32 AM
Rand Fishkin @randfish

GREAT marketing is about gaming the algorithms.

🦄 Blake Emal @heyblake

Good marketing is not about gaming the algorithms.

12Jul 02 · 3:39 PM
Kevin_Indig @Kevin_Indig

What's going on with SEO publications?

Almost every site has been down in traffic lately:
- Search Engine Watch
- Search Engine Land
- Search Engine Journal
- Backlinko
- Ahrefs
- SEMrush

Who is up?

22Jul 01 · 8:06 AM
Ross Simmonds @TheCoolestCool

Two years ago I created a “dream client list”.

I hadn’t looked at that list in a while but I just stumbled upon it in my Google drive and 50% of them are currently being served by @FoundationIncCo.

Still more to do.

But damn it feels good to see dreams come true.

1Jul 03 · 7:36 AM
Joel Klettke @JoelKlettke

Shout out to my millennial pals: remember when you were just breaking into the industry and there were some slightly older, established folks who showed up for you and helped you get a leg up/foot in the door/initial traction?

We're those people now.

16Jul 01 · 1:19 PM
Jacob McMillen @jmcmillen89

Non-copywriters will never understand how much mental and physical energy goes into writing good copy.

It's just this repeating process of refusing to settle with what you have and pushing your mind against a brick wall till it cracks... and it literally, physically hurts.

14Jul 02 · 11:58 AM
JH Scherck @JHTScherck

Just a friendly reminder that I'm hiring for a generalist SEO role to support our customers. 60K salary.

Remote, not 9 to 5, 4 days a week if you choose to do 8 hour days. A lot of jamstack tech SEO work, reporting, and tactical, hands on, in the tenches SEO.

Awaiting your DM

21Jul 01 · 1:56 PM
Wil Reynolds @wilreynolds

We referred $810k of work to agencies run by @SeerInteractive alumni in the last 4 months.

We couldn't take it all on, so getting to help get prospects in the hands of trusted alumni & watching them grow together is a gift. But it's been a crazy ride.…

6Jul 01 · 3:08 PM
Christina Garnett @ThatChristinaG

Picked up a rental car for the trip and after a few issues it was obvious that the person at the desk was waiting for me to bless them out and complain.

I didn't. Things happen. It's a holiday weekend and because I was nice she upgraded me.

Honey versus vinegar.

3Jul 03 · 7:46 AM
Val Geisler @lovevalgeisler

A complete list of things I’ve learned living in 160sqft with my family for 4 days:

1) I prefer more square footage

0Jul 01 · 8:18 AM
Katelyn Bourgoin ⚡️ @KateBour

“Hustle” gets a bad rap

No, you shouldn't hustle 24/7

But when you do it right, you won't have to

There are seasons in life for hustle, seasons for balance, and seasons for rest

Know which season you're in and embrace it

13Jul 02 · 7:57 AM
Taylor Lagace @TaylorLagace

INFLUENCER marketing 101

1. Gift Influencer product "No Strings Attached"

2. See who likes it enough to post about it FREE of cost

3. See who performs well organically as well as in paid media

4. Pay top performers to do it more

5. End up with genuine flag bearers


4Jul 02 · 12:26 PM
Carrie Rose @CarrieRosePR

No filter necessary ! #everybodyinplt

Women are sooo pressured right now to be “beach body ready” and our latest campaign with PLT says every body is ready!

So much that the swim shoot was shot entirely on an iPhone, no pro equipment, no filters necessary, every body is ready

7Jul 02 · 1:31 AM
Jimmy Daly @jimmy_daly

messages like this are why i love running @superpathco

2Jul 01 · 8:29 AM

Thanks for reading!

Have a great week. 🤓

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