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9 episodes 🔉 (marketing, $$, perpetual demand)

If you build it, they will come. But only if you bring them. 😂 Lots of insightful marketing-related pods this week... OG content marketer: 'There's no such thing as a content marketing campaign
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His first interview since selling for $4M 👇

Lots of episodes focusing on the founder's journey (incl. how Sam Parr built The Hustle, which was acquired this week). A $4M Exit with Josh Pigford of Baremetrics Josh Pigford launched Baremetrics
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How a podcast 3X'd revenue in 2020 👇

Today... selling is actually serving and how Morning Brew grew to 2.5 million subs. But first... the podcast that inspired the subject line 😄 This podcast 3X'd their revenue in 12 months w/one
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Here are the podcasts you missed

Looks like you may have missed the last Podboxer newsletter so I wanted to send it to you again in case it got lost in your inbox. Want to sell your service biz? Depersonalize it. How to make your
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6 🔥 episodes to help your grow your biz

Programming note: I skipped the newsletter last week - that whole attempted coup thing was pretty distracting. Thank you for understanding! ❤️ Cool episodes coming your way... How to make your service
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Top Biz Podcasts From 2020 👇

Yes, it's a list! 11 awesome episodes from 2020! Why 11? Because 2020 🙃 Here they are in no particular order... Turning a Side Hustle into a $9k/mo Business, with Pat Walls from Starter Story Pat
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👇 Sell more (w/o content marketing)

Apparently, automated webinars can see attendance rates of 75%... How to consistently convert new clients without content marketing Russ Ruffino, CEO of Clients on Demand, says you can make sales
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👇 Rags to riches

Don't go freemium until you know how to convert leads. Keeping it short and sweet (but cool AF) this week... Is your freemium offering ahead of its time? Patrick Campbell, CEO of subscription
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👇 Consistency = success

Do things that don't scale, you don't need thousands of downloads to make $$$, and even Jack Conte struggled to get investors when he started Patreon... How Nathan Barry Built ConvertKit to
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👇 Service-as-a-service

Podboxer is back! But as you might have noticed, I'm not Paul Metcalfe 🤭. A few weeks ago, I acquired Podboxer. I was a reader of this newsletter and really enjoyed it. Now, I'm glad to bring
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🎧 Mediocre as a competitive advantage

Listen to... build a $350K side project with email and find out how Starter Story got started... Starter story Turning a Side Hustle into a $9k/mo Business, with Pat Walls from Starter Story Pat Walls
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🎧  tick... tock

Listen to... get started building an audience on the latest social platform and follow a solid B2B sales process Start with sales Zero to 5-figure MRR in just a few months by doing outbound sales -
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🎧 Busy work for nerds

Listen to... figure out how to fit affiliate marketing into your business model and get useful information about your customers and competitors... Research isn't just for nerds How to Analyze
20 : 36

🎧 Engaged

Listen to... get some marketing tactics from a $40M bootstrapped SaaS and boost engagement from your email audience Talk to your subscribers How Do I Increase Engagement Through Email Marketing?
13 : 47

🎧 Marketplace in an email

Listen to... choose the perfect name for your business and to build a simple business around an email newsletter Newsletter business model From Zero to $10000 a Month with a Niche Newsletter and
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🎧 6 steps to famous

Thursday is the new Wednesday, right? Will try to get this out on time next week 🤦 Listen to... hear a maker make mistakes and then find success, and you can follow a path to become super famous 🤩 Road