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You (probably) don’t need a MVP. You need a list.

TL;DR, a startup's ability to acquire attention is just as important — if not *more* important — than their ability to build a product. Read More In other news, it's been a while since we had a
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There are only 2 stages to any company

I'm not sure why people — both investors and entrepreneurs — make things so complicated. Don't let your friends and mentors confuse you, business isn't all that complicated: sell one thing
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Get to $1,000 first.

The reality is that the default state of any company is failure and the #1 reason why it will likely fail is because there wasn't enough money coming in the door.1 The good news, however, is that
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The problem isn’t local investors, it’s you.

Investor pitches, particularly outside Silicon Valley and NYC, generally fall into two buckets: the founder either asks for too little cash or aims too low. Read More And no picture for you today. :)
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Founders should look at more deals

There are too many people claiming to be founders out there and you're competing with them whether you know it or not. Whether you decide to raise outside money or bootstrap things entirely, you
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Early stage investing is emotional

I'm a big believer that the soft skills of fundraising are far trickier than the hard skills of fundraising. Read More Unsubscribe | Update your profile | 113 Cherry St #92768, Seattle, WA 98104-
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Beacon (Trends / Alerts / Transcripts) and Travel (Apps)

The new(est) baby is ~2 weeks old. He's doing great... I'm feeling a bit foggy. I suppose little sleep and three other kids will do that to ya. ☕️ New Podcast Episode: Babies, Beacons and
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Why investors outside your hometown don’t take your calls

You're using dinner-party etiquette in a business meeting, and then you're surprised when the business people are like, 'I don't have time for this.' Read More Unsubscribe | Update
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It’s been a while. 👋🏼

Yeah, so we had a baby. Mom's doing great. The kids are loving the new addition. I'm slinging diapers… and untangling Common Table Expressions during nap times. ​New Podcast Episode: Do you
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What ‘power’ means today.

When you decide to pitch an investor, make sure that every word coming out of your mouth is something that grabs their attention. Read More Unsubscribe | Update your profile | 113 Cherry St #92768,
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The four numbers you need to have handy if you *ever* want to raise money

There's rarely anything more frustrating than meeting a founder that doesn't know the numbers around their own business. Read More Unsubscribe | Update your profile | 113 Cherry St #92768,
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Midwestern community leaders need to think bigger.

If you really want to make a difference in your hometown, start thinking about how to build a network across the entire Midwestern startup scene. Let everyone else play the local game. Read More
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Stop chasing money, it just makes you look desperate

There's a saying in the investor community: if you're not chasing a deal, it's probably not a good one. Read More Unsubscribe | Update your profile | 113 Cherry St #92768, Seattle, WA 98104
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Skip the local investors (first)

If you want to do anything big, you need to leave your home town. Even if only for a few short days, weeks or years. That's because no one's ever a big deal in their hometown, especially
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Fundraising don’ts.

You can find all sorts of tips across the web on how to find investors, how to structure your term sheets and almost every other detail you'll need to know. It's what not to do that isn't
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How professional investors make decisions.

If you think you're going to raise money for your company at some point, start by understanding how investors make money before you begin pulling your deck together. Read More Unsubscribe | Update
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How to take advantage of investor meetings

Stop asking for advice and opinions. Learn to extract information. Read More Unsubscribe | Update your profile | 113 Cherry St #92768, Seattle, WA 98104-2205
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No one talks about the middle ground.

This week has been heads down in code... and lots of podcast data with the new infrastructure I've built. Can you say idempotency? 😅 ​New Podcast Episode: Fundraising changes and what the Shopify
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Naming your round is a bad idea

If you name your round, you're unintentionally allowing investors to make some judgements about the status of your company. Read More Unsubscribe | Update your profile | 113 Cherry St #92768,
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Your thoughts (from last week) on monetization. 💰

I still haven't fixed the drywall I broke last week but, hey, you're not here for that sort of thing. 😅 ​New Podcast Episode: Under the hood of Beacon and who wins when Twitter sues Elon?​ Ed