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7/27/2022 2:25:00 PM

Think you’re “late” to TikTok?

Here's proof you're still way early. Hi , Some people think it's “too late” to capitalize on TikTok, but every engagement statistic proves that the fastest growing social media platform
8/24/2022 4:34:26 AM

3 free courses?

Closing today. Hi , As part of our Recession-Proof Skills Week, we're doing something special… This unique link allows you to buy 1 course and get 3 free. These proven frameworks will clearly and
12/16/2022 9:25:37 AM

🚨 We’re giving you this course!

Instagram Domination login details. , this is hands down one of the best deals we've ever offered for our popular Instagram Domination program. Because right now you can get a massive 75% discount
1/20/2023 11:24:29 AM

Save $1,997 for 72 hours only!

Closing soon. Best deal you'll see. Hi , As you may know, right now we're running the biggest sale ever for our popular Infinite Income on Amazon program. For the next 72 hours, we're also
1/23/2023 3:24:33 PM

“This video is insane!”

The best free ecom training online Hi there, Over the years, we've created thousands of videos. But very few (if any) like this. In fact, after spending countless hours getting the best
1/24/2023 3:24:33 PM

[VIDEO] Kendall Jenner’s Magic Touch

What to do when Victoria Secret copies you… Hi there, In today's free lesson, you'll hear the fascinating story about how Kendall Jenner accidently blew up an unknown swimwear company with a
1/25/2023 3:24:30 PM

How to sell magnetic eyelashes

They built a $50M+ company Hi there, After the next few minutes, you'll never look at business the same ever again. Because in today's free video you'll discover how a set of scrappy
1/26/2023 11:24:44 AM

🔮 Influencer Marketing Secrets

Grow faster and easier without ads Hi there, One good influencer can blow up your business faster than pretty much anything I've seen. And after interviewing thousands of today's smartest
1/20/2023 2:55:30 AM

Our #1 Most Requested FREE Course

Plus 8 other exclusive gifts for you! Hi , Instead of you paying $1997 for our 11+ hour Instagram Domination program… Right now for the next few days, we're giving it to you for free. >>>
2/6/2023 3:24:31 PM

Learn from the Co-founder of Square!

Meet foundr's newest instructor Hi there, Our newest foundr instructor is none other than world-renowned entrepreneur Jim McKelvey! Jim's a glass blower turned billionaire co-founder of Square
2/21/2023 3:24:32 PM

Our new $97 ecom challenge!

Includes live coaching… Hi , In a few days, we're going to help you in a new and profound way like we never have before… Because not only are we giving you FULL ACCESS to our premiere foundr+
2/22/2023 3:24:54 PM

How To Start A Business For $13.85

Discover the step-by-step blueprint… Hi , Over the past 10 years, we've worked with tens of thousands of new entrepreneurs. We've helped people with no experience, no connections, and no ideas…
2/24/2023 11:24:34 AM

She HATED me before I launched foundr

And she never tried to even hide it… Hi , 10 years ago I was working full-time in IT. I had a job I didn't like and a boss who hated me. I'm not joking, she seriously hated me. So naturally,
2/25/2023 3:24:49 PM

🔥 HUGE Birthday Deal!

Bringing back the biggest sale we've ever done… Hi , It's baaaackkk! This was one of the most popular deals we ever made and many of you have been constantly asking us to re-release it as you
3/6/2023 11:14:32 AM

Free for - $0 to $50M in 2 years

to celebrate International Women's Day. Hi , I'm so excited to share this with you! It's a live call with Ann Mcferran who is the founder of Glamnetic, an ecommerce brand selling magnetic
3/7/2023 3:25:25 PM

Big conspiracy (last chance)

Not what you think. Hi , I hate to break it to you but there is no big conspiracy to keep you where you are. There is no system working against you. The universe is indifferent. Success is yours for
3/27/2023 2:24:30 PM

❤️ Super deal - foundr+ low monthly plans!

Plus something new... Hi , This is something rare! For the next 4 days only, you can join foundr+ with easy, low monthly payments… Less than $7/day. Full details here Yup, that's true! You can
3/30/2023 4:34:27 PM

Don’t miss this one

12 hours more and it's gone. Hi , Keeping it short… Just 12 hours to go! For an easy, low monthly payment option, foundr+, our flagship membership grants you instant access to… 27 premium cutting-
11/30/2022 11:34:28 PM

RE: Final Cyber Sale Email

9 free courses. Last chance. Hi , The final email for the biggest Cyber Monday Sale we've ever done is here. In 6 hours the deal ends for good. Prices triple back to normal and the “second free
11/30/2022 5:34:27 AM

Ends Today: Cyber Monday Sale

It's closing for good. Last day. Hi , Today is the last day for you to Save 75% + Buy 1 Get 1 Free because it closes in just 24 more hours. After that, it's closed for good. Last chance to
4/11/2023 10:14:30 AM

🚀 75% Off Our New Sourcing Course

Special launch-week offer! Hi , Want to launch your own profitable online business and source a unique product overseas, but unsure exactly where to start or what specific product to sell? Well after A
4/10/2023 10:24:50 AM

How To Source Any Product For Less!

Supply chain expert speaks out… Hi , Whether you already have an ecommerce store or you're wanting to start one, sourcing the “right way” from China can be the difference between success and
4/22/2023 2:34:28 PM

🚀 Massive New Announcement!

you're gonna love it Hi , This may be one of the most important announcements you'll hear from me this year. We're launching a big Spring Mid-Season Deal for foundr+! You get everything at
4/19/2023 7:24:46 AM

AVOID These Manufacturing Mistakes

The man behind 2500+ ecom products Hi , Countless entrepreneurs waste money sourcing a product overseas the wrong way. They get hustled by a supplier, are sent bad samples, deal with all kinds of
4/19/2023 6:45:03 AM

Free Ecommerce Course

This week only… Hi , Just because someone's used Alibaba to source one product, from one factory, in one niche, sometimes even just one or two times, doesn't mean their advice is safe to follow
4/23/2023 3:14:30 PM

💋 The Best Foundr+ Deal Ever

hope you grab it now Hi , How bad do you want it? If you're really serious about building your own ecommerce business in 2023, we're about to help you do it faster. Because that's what this
4/19/2023 6:15:04 AM

[Login Details] Ecommerce Course

's free program… Hi , Imagine having someone who's developed and sourced more than 2500 different products help YOU create the perfect product to start selling online? That's what this free
4/24/2023 2:34:26 PM

🧜🏿‍♀️ Live like a mermaid?

Thousands of others already do… Hi , Have you ever dreamed of living like a mermaid? Swimming in crystal clear waters, feeling the cool ocean breeze on your skin, and basking in the warm sun all day
4/19/2023 5:55:37 AM

[48 Hours] 75% Discount 🚨

Plus a free ecom course! Hi , Amazon, Google, NBA, Procter & Gamble, The Olympics, The United Nations, and countless other household brands and notable entrepreneurs are all clients of Kian Golzari
4/19/2023 5:55:15 AM

Do you want this free ecom course?

Only available for the next 24 hours… Hi , Friendly reminder that there's just 24 hours left to claim your free ecommerce course. Inside this course you'll learn the exact step-by-step
4/19/2023 5:45:13 AM

⌛ Ending In 12 Hours

Price triples tonight Hi , Less than 12 hours remain of the special launch deal for our breakthrough new Product Sourcing Blueprint program, designed to help you source any product overseas the right
4/25/2023 2:34:27 PM

❌ Tired of living paycheck to paycheck?

Use this to change that Hi , Living paycheck to paycheck is cool… If you love what you do and the pay is amazing. But the reality is that most people are vastly underpaid. What about you? I'm sure
4/19/2023 5:44:55 AM

Last Chance: Free Ecommerce Course!

Login expires in 6 hours Hi , Alright this is it, the final email and last chance… In just 6 hours the special 75% off launch-discount + free course offer will disappear and the price of this
4/26/2023 3:24:44 PM

👁️ The Secret Society of Dream Livers

Don't wait until it's too late to join Hi , There's going to be no formal invitation for you to start living your dream life. You're going to have to make it happen. During this big
4/26/2023 10:44:52 PM

RE: 👁️ The Secret Society of Dream Livers

Don't miss this Hi , Just bringing this to your attention as we noticed you didn't see yesterday's email regarding our big Spring sale for Foundr+. This is really the best deal we've
4/27/2023 10:34:31 AM

🧑‍🏫 $2 a day for world-class ecom mentors

all you need to build Hi , Check this out: Right now you can use our entire course library to: Start an online business from scratch Grow an audience of loyal fans or followers Acquire new “recession-
4/27/2023 10:34:27 PM

RE: 🧑‍🏫 $2 a day for world-class ecom mentors

Don't miss this Hi , Just bringing this to your attention as we noticed you didn't see yesterday's email regarding our big Spring sale for Foundr+. This is really the best deal we've
4/28/2023 2:34:28 PM

⚠️ Our #1 best deal ends soon

Build faster and smarter Hi , If you want to navigate the uncertain economy and potential coming recession with unmatched confidence… I can confidently say that foundr+ forever enhances you as an
4/28/2023 10:34:28 PM

RE: ⚠️ Our #1 best deal ends soon

Don't miss this Hi , Just bringing this to your attention as we noticed you didn't see yesterday's email regarding our big Spring sale for Foundr+. This is really the best deal we've
4/29/2023 2:34:28 PM

🚨Foundr+ CAN’T help you if…

Just want to be straight up with you Hi , Tough times are ahead. Everywhere you turn that's all you hear, right? Well since there's just 48 hours left for this special foundr+ sale, I wanted to
4/30/2023 12:06:31 AM

[24 Hour] Spring Deal Closes Today

The lowest it will ever be Hi , This is happening today. Today's your final chance to get mentored by some of today's smartest and most successful entrepreneurs (not “gurus”)… Whose proven,
4/30/2023 4:14:29 PM

’s 12-hour notice

once its gone, it's gone Hi , Just 12 hours remain to the best deal we've ever made for our all-access foundr+ membership. Proven business models… Cutting-edge digital marketing tactics…
5/1/2023 2:55:33 PM

⚠️ May 2023: Facebook Ads

What you need to know… Hi , Scaling solely with Facebook ads is harder than it's ever been. As you probably know, the platform has become more crowded and competitive… Which is why costs have
5/2/2023 2:44:46 PM

75% Off YouTube Ads Mastery!

Plus a FREE live Q&A with Tommie Powers Hi , Right now in 2023, YouTube ads can often grow your business faster and more predictable than anything else out there… Allowing you to scale faster,
5/3/2023 2:34:30 PM

48 Hours Left To Save 75%

Master YouTube ads and sell more Hi , No matter what kind of business you currently have or will have in the near future… Just ONE good ad on YouTube… The 2nd largest search engine, next only to its
11/7/2022 3:24:28 PM

Get foundr+ for FREE

The best deal we've ever made… Hi , This is a massive announcement and one I was a bit hesitant to make. But after much back and forth with the team, we've decided to do a special “Pre-Black
5/4/2023 4:15:49 AM

[Closing] YouTube Ads Deal

75% off + free coaching call Hi , Quick reminder that there's just 24 hours left to learn from legendary YouTube advertiser Tommie Powers and have him help you scale your business faster with high-
5/4/2023 4:14:29 PM

⏰ Ending Tonight: YouTube Ads Sale

Save over $1500 for next 12 hours Hi , For just 12 more hours, you can get a 75% discount on our wildly popular How To Master YouTube Ads program led by advertising legend Tommie Powers. Invest $1.36 a
5/4/2023 10:34:26 PM

Final email.

This special sale is ending… Hi , This is the last email we're sending you about this special 75% off YouTube ads offer. After this the price triples back to normal. As a quick reminder: You're
5/6/2023 10:14:32 AM

❤️ Yours now: limited time bonus!

Only for Mother's day week Hi , It's baaaackkk! This was one of the most popular deals we ever made and many of you have been constantly asking us to re-release it as you missed out last time.
5/8/2023 10:16:43 AM

Sometimes you just have to go for it

you know what I mean? Hi , Most people don't take opportunities not because the timing is bad or their finances are unsecure. Too many people are over-analyzing. Some are fearful, projecting their
5/9/2023 2:24:28 PM

Stuck in a dead-end job?

It doesn't have to be that way Hi , You're super-smart, hard-working and eager to learn. And guess what? More than anything, you deserve to live your dream life. But you need to pull yourself
5/13/2023 2:17:30 PM

48 hours: Our Big Mother’s Day Sale

75% Off + Buy 1 Get 1 Free Hi , A quick reminder that you have only 48 hours left to invest in the skills you need to both survive and thrive in the face of whatever craziness the rest of this year has
5/13/2023 10:35:11 PM

RE: 48 hours: Our Big Mother’s Day Sale

Don't miss this Hi , Just bringing this to your attention as we noticed you haven't taken action on yesterday's email regarding our big Mother's Day sale. This is really the best deal
5/14/2023 1:14:44 AM

❤️ Final Day To SAVE BIG on our top picks

Disappears tonight… Hi , Just 24 hours left for our Big Mother's Day Sale to end. Right now at this very moment, the team at Foundr is helping people just like you quickly build their own dream
5/14/2023 1:14:28 PM

⏰ [CLOSING] Buy 1 Get 1 Free + 75% Discount

Only 12 hours left Hi , Happy Mother's Day! There's less than 12 hours left to build the business of your dreams! Daniel built his Instagram account from 0 to 60000 following within 4 months