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9/17/2021 4:44:27 PM

The Intercept is uncovering the truth about Joe Manchin

The West Virginia senator has made millions from coal, and new reporting by The Intercept has uncovered just how much damage his companies have done. When Sen. Joe Manchin announced that he wanted a “
9/16/2021 12:24:26 PM

Unusual Progressive-Centrist Alliance Wins Universal Child Care Subsidy

The “major flex” by progressives and moderate Democrats eliminates means-testing for a child care credit in the party's reconciliation package. MOST READ Ten Months After Senate Election Loss, Sara
9/19/2021 11:24:27 PM

At Rikers Island, Inmates Locked in Showers Without Food and Defecating in Bags

Two years of fearmongering over criminal justice reform led to a humanitarian crisis at the notorious New York City jails. MOST READ At Rikers Island, Inmates Locked in Showers Without Food and
9/20/2021 7:54:26 PM

We’re pulling back the curtain on Joe Manchin’s fossil fuel businesses

Why is the senator trying so hard to tank his own party's top legislative priority? Last week, Sen. Joe Manchin said he wants the Democrats' $3.5 trillion infrastructure package cut by nearly
9/11/2021 7:54:26 PM

Two wars. 900,000 dead. $9 trillion down the drain.

Many of the same talking heads are still advocating for endless war, even after President Joe Biden's withdrawal from Afghanistan. In the 20 years since 9/11, the United States has launched two
9/26/2021 11:24:27 PM

Leaked Grant Proposal Details High-Risk Coronavirus Research

The proposal, rejected by US military research agency DARPA, describes the insertion of human-specific cleavage sites into SARS-related bat coronaviruses. MOST READ Leaked Grant Proposal Details High-
9/24/2021 4:14:33 PM

Bombshell revelations about the Manchin family

According to newly unsealed court documents, Heather Bresch, the former president and CEO of the drugmaker Mylan — and Sen. Joe Manchin's daughter — colluded directly with the CEO of Pfizer to keep
10/1/2021 10:14:26 PM

A terrifying new precedent for press freedom that Trump and Democrats agreed on

These new revelations show how far the government will go to silence dissent — with chilling ramifications for the freedom of the press in the US and abroad. According to an explosive new report, the
10/14/2021 10:14:29 AM

Revealed: Facebook’s Secret Blacklist of “Dangerous Individuals and Organizations”

Experts say the public deserves to see the list, a clear embodiment of US foreign policy priorities that could disproportionately censor marginalized groups. MOST READ Revealed: Facebook's Secret
10/26/2021 8:44:27 PM

RSVP for “Are the Democrats screwed?” with Ryan Grim

Join a live discussion with Grim, investigative reporter Lee Fang, and Washington editor Nausicaa Renner. Are the Democrats screwed? That's the question many in Washington are asking as the
10/29/2021 2:14:28 PM

It’s not as bad as you think. It’s worse.

We need muckraking journalism to pull back the curtain on how corporate lobbyists are teaming up with Manchin and Sinema. What's happening in Congress right now is an abomination. Behind closed
10/22/2021 3:54:27 PM

SCOOP: Facebook’s secret blacklist

For the first time ever, we are publishing Facebook's top-secret “Dangerous Individuals and Organizations List.” For the first time ever, The Intercept has publicly revealed Facebook's top-
4/7/2022 1:24:29 PM

Leaked: New Amazon Worker Chat App Would Ban Words Like “Union”

Also: “Restrooms,” “pay raise,” “slave labor,” “living wage,” “diversity,” “vaccine,” and others. MOST READ Leaked: New Amazon Worker Chat App Would Ban Words Like “Union,” “Restrooms,” “Pay Raise,”
4/10/2022 11:24:33 PM

Zelenskyy Is Right: The U.N. Must Be Reformed. But It Never Will Be.

The veto wielded by Russia and the US in matters of war should be eliminated, writes Jon Schwarz. But Russia and the US will never permit that. MOST READ US Didn't Expect Major Explosions When an
4/23/2022 5:24:27 PM

I hate to ask, but will you donate $5 to The Intercept?

The reality is that producing journalism isn't cheap or easy, especially the kind of in-depth investigative journalism that we do here at The Intercept. I'm going to be honest: I don't like
4/26/2022 4:24:50 PM

We’re being sued

We've never backed down in the face of intimidation, but we need your support. In November, The Intercept ran a story examining efforts to sell military services to a sanctioned Russian entity. A
4/24/2022 11:34:27 PM

Russia Is Losing a War Against Hackers Stealing Huge Amounts of Data

Dozens of Russian companies and government agencies have been hacked in apparent retribution for the invasion of Ukraine. MOST READ American Phone-Tracking Firm Demo'd Surveillance Powers by Spying
4/27/2022 3:24:49 PM

This is beginning to hinder our journalism

Since President Joe Biden was elected, we've lost more than 4000 monthly donors. That's a 20 percent decline in less than two years. I wanted to make sure you saw this important message about
4/22/2022 3:24:26 PM

An important update from Jeremy Scahill, Ryan Grim, and Betsy Reed

Since President Joe Biden was elected, we've lost more than 4000 monthly donors. That's a 20 percent decline in less than two years. We're writing today because The Intercept is facing a
4/28/2022 12:44:27 PM

Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Are Seizing On Ukraine War to Push Long-Term Interests

The unfolding crisis is now a common — and effective — talking point for corporate interest groups seeking regulatory relief. MOST READ Bottled Water Giant BlueTriton Admits Claims of Recycling and
4/21/2022 9:04:28 PM

Donate now and we’ll stop emailing you for the rest of the campaign

If you donate right now, you won't get any more fundraising emails for the rest of the campaign. We have until May 1 to hit our April fundraising campaign goal of reaching 16000 sustaining monthly
4/29/2022 1:54:50 PM

A request I’m humbly asking you to consider

We have never been more in need of clear-eyed journalism that confronts the unchecked corporate, political, and military power at the root of the overlapping crises we face. I know The Intercept has
4/29/2022 9:34:27 PM

The Intercept is facing a big problem

The post-Trump slump in news readership has had a harsh financial impact. I learned a simple truth from my late friend, the people's historian Howard Zinn: You can't be neutral on a moving
4/30/2022 10:24:26 PM

6 hours left

Your generous support will enable our journalists to take on stories that others won't. I know we've been sending you a lot of emails recently, but I wanted to share an exciting update: With
5/22/2022 11:24:27 PM

Jeffrey Sachs Presents Evidence of Possible Lab Origin of Covid-19

An article in the journal PNAS calls for an independent investigation of information held by US-based institutions that could shed light on the origins of Covid. MOST READ Jeffrey Sachs Presents
5/26/2022 1:24:27 PM

Cops Didn’t Stop the Uvalde School Shooting

And they won't stop the next. MOST READ Cops Didn't Stop the Uvalde School Shooting Akela Lacy And they won't stop the next. READ MORE → Carolyn Bourdeaux's Primary Loss Breaks Off a
5/28/2022 3:34:26 PM

Erik Prince is suing us

A pro-Trump mercenary billionaire is suing us for defamation. We stand by our reporting. When The Intercept learned in 2020 about efforts to sell military services to a sanctioned Russian defense
5/30/2022 12:24:32 AM

Uvalde Police Didn’t Move to Save Lives Because That’s Not What Police Do

It should not take an event so devastating to break the spell of policing mythology about what cops do — and what they don't, writes Natasha Lennard. MOST READ AR-15s Were Made to Explode Human
6/24/2022 6:34:27 PM

BREAKING: Join today’s live conversation on abortion after Roe

How did we get here? Where does the reproductive rights movement go next? What can be done right now to minimize the impact of this decision on the most vulnerable people? The Supreme Court's
6/23/2022 3:54:35 PM

Most Elections Don’t Actually Tell Us Much of Anything About America

The message from most elections is “Americans Still Disengaged From What the Political Class Spends Its Life Yammering About.” MOST READ Will a Judge Force Cancer-Stricken Black Elder Mutulu Shakur to
7/25/2022 12:24:55 AM

The Cult of Donald Trump

On January 6, Trump was not much different from Jim Jones, as he urged his rabid followers to kill American democracy. MOST READ El Salvador's Embrace of Bitcoin Didn't Bring Prosperity — It
7/22/2022 6:14:26 PM

The “six most chilling words” of the January 6 investigation

The sudden disappearance of Secret Service text messages is raising new questions about what the agency did that day and what, if anything, they have to hide. New reporting from The Intercept has found
7/27/2022 6:24:30 PM

Donations are down

Right-wing extremism, corporate wrongdoing, and government corruption never take a vacation. We need to stay on the beat — and your support helps make that possible. This summer, a record number of
7/21/2022 1:24:36 PM

Manchin and His Wife Directed Millions to Wildlife Area Near Vacation Condo

While upending climate legislation, Manchin directed over $15 million in federal funding to protected wetlands where the couple owns property. MOST READ Sen. Joe Manchin and His Wife Directed Millions
7/28/2022 12:24:31 PM

The FBI Is Investigating a Potential Political Motivation Linked to Justin Fairfax Allegations

The former lieutenant governor of Virginia was accused of sexual assault in 2019 at the same time the governor was also being pressured to resign. MOST READ The FBI Is Investigating a Potential
8/25/2022 1:24:28 PM

Playing Dumb: Sen. Ron Johnson’s Role in Jan. 6 Plot Is Hiding in Plain Sight

The Wisconsin Republican won't say why he agreed to hand fake slates of electors to Mike Pence on January 6, 2021. MOST READ DHS Jan. 6 Investigators Raised Alarm About Being Stonewalled Last Year
8/22/2022 3:25:07 AM

With legal costs skyrocketing, can you chip in $5?

To finally get our hands on crucial documents, we need to be prepared for whatever our opponents may throw at us. We wanted to be sure you didn't miss this message about The Intercept's
8/26/2022 6:26:02 PM

Our lawsuit may have cracked a murder case. But we need to keep digging.

After we sued the city of Portland to access police records on the unsolved murder, a suspect was arrested. But we still have questions. In 2019, Sean Kealiher, a 23-year-old antifascist protester in
8/22/2022 3:08:58 AM

Mar-a-Lago Search Triggers Slow-Motion Rerun of Jan. 6 Insurrection

Trump's followers are unrepentant, continuing their assault on democracy. MOST READ FBI Search of Trump's Mar-a-Lago Triggers Slow-Motion Rerun of Jan. 6 Insurrection James Risen A new wave of
8/28/2022 7:24:27 PM

Kyrsten Sinema Privately Blew Up Biden Nominee Needed to Enact Regulatory Agenda

Sinema quietly killed Biden's nomination of Ganesh Sitaraman for an important regulatory office. MOST READ The Origin of Student Debt: Reagan Adviser Warned Free College Would Create a Dangerous “
9/19/2022 9:54:28 PM

14 terabytes of hacked Russian government data

We're digging through a gold mine of data from Russian federal government agencies, state-owned media, law firms, and the world's largest pipeline company. The Intercept is indexing a massive
9/20/2022 8:54:39 PM

Read this. You will be glad you did.

If you donate right now, we won't send you any more fundraising emails for the rest of the campaign. Let's be honest. Fundraising emails can be annoying. We don't like sending them, and you
9/21/2022 9:24:28 PM

We’re falling behind at a terrible moment

With crucial midterm elections approaching, donations so far are lagging behind the pace we need to hit our fundraising goals this month. The largest newspaper chain in the US just announced the latest
9/22/2022 8:24:30 PM

Israeli Forces Deliberately Killed Palestinian American Journalist, Report Shows

A new forensic analysis proves that an Israeli sniper could see that Shireen Abu Akleh was a journalist before firing the bullet that killed her. MOST READ Israeli Forces Deliberately Killed
9/23/2022 6:44:27 PM

We won’t be bullied into silence

If billionaires don't like what you publish, they might sue. Even if everything you write is true, and even if you eventually win in court, the legal bills can bury you. When you're reporting
9/24/2022 8:14:26 PM

The statistic that keeps us awake at night

Millions of people read The Intercept's groundbreaking investigative journalism. But just 1 percent ever donate. That's a problem. Millions of people read The Intercept's groundbreaking
9/19/2022 12:34:27 AM

Border Wall Construction Resumes Under President Joe Biden

The Biden administration laid out its plans to rev up work on completing Donald Trump's signature project. MOST READ Fossil Fuel Industry Seeks to Expand Free Speech for Corporations and Limit It
9/25/2022 11:25:06 PM

Condoleezza Rice and Madeleine Albright Conduct a MasterClass on the Banal Horror of U.S. Foreign Policy

Watching the 3.5 hour video is like being forced to eat gallons of stale banana pudding. MOST READ I Watched the Afghan Government Collapse Under the Weight of Its Own Greed Elyas Nawandish Our leaders
9/26/2022 5:44:28 PM

14 terabytes of data hacked from Putin’s Russia

We received a massive trove of data from Russian government agencies and companies. Will you help us dig through it? After Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine, hackers uncovered a massive trove of
9/15/2022 12:44:27 PM

Idaho’s Far Right Suffers Election Loss to 18-Year-Old Climate Activist

The high school senior won elected office in Boise, defeating an incumbent school board trustee backed by local extremists. MOST READ Idaho's Far Right Suffers Election Loss to 18-Year-Old Climate
10/21/2022 8:44:27 PM

Will the Supreme Court allow DNA testing for Rodney Reed?

He's already faced two execution dates. Now the clock is ticking — and The Intercept is racing to make sure the world hears about evidence that could exonerate Reed before it's too late. Rodney
10/23/2022 11:24:53 PM

Saudis Sought Oil Production Cut So Deep It Surprised Even Russia

OPEC+ slashed oil production following a Saudi pressure campaign that experts say aims to hurt Democrats in the midterms. MOST READ Saudis Sought Oil Production Cut So Deep It Surprised Even Russia Ken
10/20/2022 10:04:27 AM

Mercenary Lawyers

Inside the aggressive legal war to shield the founder of Russia's Wagner Group. MOST READ Inside the Aggressive Legal War to Shield the Founder of Russia's Wagner Group Alice Speri Hacked
10/16/2022 11:34:27 PM

Oz Campaign Misled Reporters About His Emotional Encounter With a Black Voter

A Philadelphia woman shared her very real grief about gun violence with Oz, but reporters were kept in the dark about the fact that she was a paid campaign aide. MOST READ Mehmet Oz Campaign Misled
10/27/2022 12:24:29 PM

House Progressives Float Diplomatic Path Toward Ending War in Ukraine, Get Annihilated, Quickly “Clarify”

“Let me be clear: We are united as Democrats in our unequivocal commitment to supporting Ukraine in their fight for their democracy,” Rep. Pramila Jayapal clarified. MOST READ House Progressives Float
11/22/2022 9:34:28 PM

Reader response requested

Please take two minutes to fill out this survey. For a nonprofit news organization like The Intercept, it's our readers who matter most. We rely on you to read, share, and support our investigative
11/21/2022 12:24:28 AM

The Evacuation of the CIA’s Afghan Proxies Has Opened One of the War’s Blackest Boxes

Former Zero Unit members are facing a reversal of fortune that is humiliating, infuriating, and utterly intractable. MOST READ The Evacuation of the CIA's Afghan Proxies Has Opened One of the
11/17/2022 3:24:31 PM

First Public Video Footage of U.S. Government Force-Feeding

In an exclusive video, a hunger striker is force-fed in ICE detention, lifting the veil of secrecy on a practice condemned by medical experts and ethicists. MOST READ The Public Has Never Seen the US
12/19/2022 12:24:30 AM

Elon Musk’s Growing Purge of His Twitter Critics — at the Behest of the Far Right

The anarchist website It's Going Down has no idea why its account was suspended. It had never tweeted about Elon Musk's private jet. MOST READ The Scorched-Earth Legal Strategy Corporations Are
12/22/2022 10:04:27 AM

Rebel Boat

Hacked phones, undercover cops, and the conspiracy theory at the center of Italy's crackdown on humanitarian rescue. MOST READ Twitter Aided the Pentagon in Its Covert Online Propaganda Campaign
12/23/2022 4:34:27 PM

We’re being sued by billionaire mercenary Erik Prince — again

This is the third time that Prince has alleged defamation over the same story. His last two attempts have already been thrown out of court — but not before we racked up over $200000 in legal bills.
12/30/2022 12:24:28 AM

Can you donate $5 and make sure we can keep fighting these legal battles?

We've spent over $200000 on legal fees and costs fighting Erik Prince's repeated attempts to sue us. Your donation today will help keep us going strong in 2023. Let's be clear: Erik
1/21/2023 4:54:32 PM

Legal bills piling up

The Intercept is being sued by billionaire mercenary Erik Prince. Again. This is the weaponization of libel law: billionaires using their deep pockets to threaten the news media and chill journalism.
1/20/2023 5:54:46 AM

Those Russian Twitter Bots Didn’t Do $#!% in 2016, Says New Study

There is “no evidence” Russian Twitter bots had any meaningful effect pushing voters to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. MOST READ Exclusive: Surveillance Footage of Tesla Crash on
1/23/2023 12:24:33 AM

U.S. Military Vets in Ukraine Are Fighting Each Other in Court

Amid accusations of fraud and sexual misconduct, the founders of the high-profile Mozart Group are waging a personal war back home. MOST READ The Secrets Presidents Keep in Their Garages and Luxury
1/20/2023 4:24:58 AM

They want to cut Social Security behind closed doors, without their fingerprints.

Medicare and Social Security put the lie to Wall Street's insistence that private corporations are more efficient than what we can do together. Republicans are holding the debt ceiling hostage to
1/20/2023 4:05:07 AM

Guccifer, the Hacker Who Launched Clinton Email Flap, Speaks Out After Nearly a Decade Behind Bars

Before Russian intelligence cribbed his handle, Marcel Lazar hacked celebrities and Sidney Blumenthal. Now he's back home in Transylvania. MOST READ Biden Used Classified Documents Accusation
1/26/2023 4:14:29 PM

We’ve racked up $200,000 in legal bills. Will you chip in $5?

The Intercept is being sued by billionaire mercenary Erik Prince. Again. This is the weaponization of libel law: billionaires using their deep pockets to threaten the news media and chill journalism.
1/26/2023 11:24:39 PM

Inside the Slow Implosion of the Democratic Party’s Vaunted Campaign Tech Firm

Loyal Democrats say layoffs at NGP VAN and EveryAction by the company's new private equity owners could hobble the party. MOST READ Elon Musk Caves to Pressure From India to Remove BBC Doc Critical
1/20/2023 3:14:52 AM

Tell House leadership to give C-SPAN full-time control of the cameras in Congress now

As Americans across the nation witnessed the GOP's brutal infighting during the recent election for speaker of the House of Representatives, one crucial press freedom issue became clear. As
1/28/2023 6:14:27 PM

Stop the defense industry from blocking this critical climate rule

Weapons contractors are pushing the Biden administration to reject a new rule that would disclose their greenhouse gas emissions and force the worst offenders to plan to reduce their climate impact.
1/20/2023 3:04:55 AM

A New Intercepted Miniseries on the Supreme Court

In the first episode of Dissent, host Jordan Smith and legal analyst Jordan Rubin discuss the Supreme Court docket and what's at stake. MOST READ Unredacted NIH Emails Show Efforts to Rule Out Lab
1/30/2023 12:24:27 AM

Local Cops Harassed and Threatened U.S. Veteran Because of Terror Watchlist, Lawsuit Says

Police officers once leveled guns at Saadiq Long, a veteran with no criminal record — a result of the feds coordinating with local authorities on their watchlist. MOST READ Local Cops Harassed and
1/31/2023 10:54:32 PM

We’re being sued by Erik Prince. He won’t drop his empty claims.

This is the weaponization of libel law to threaten the news media and chill journalism. We've already spent over $200000 on legal fees and costs fighting off Prince's lawsuits — not to mention
2/1/2023 9:54:32 PM

Elon Musk censored a BBC documentary. So much for free speech.

Twitter is blocking access to a documentary that reveals Narendra Modi's role in a genocidal massacre, just weeks after Musk banned journalists critical of him at home. Elon Musk is at it again.
1/9/2023 12:24:27 AM

The GOP’s Kevin McCarthy Debacle Is an Insurrection by Other Means

Two years after January 6, Republicans are still locked in a battle for personal political power. MOST READ The GOP's Kevin McCarthy Debacle Is an Insurrection by Other Means James Risen Two years
2/2/2023 1:24:28 PM

George Santos Benefactor Bankrolled Group Opposing LA’s Progressive Prosecutor

A big spender on right-wing causes, investor Andrew Intrater gave seed money to a group formed to oust a reform-minded district attorney. MOST READ New FTX Filing Pulls Back the Curtain on Sam Bankman-
2/4/2023 7:34:27 PM

Sign the petition: Statehood for D.C. now!

Over 700000 people call Washington, DC, home. The people of DC pay the highest federal taxes per capita but have no voting representation in Congress. Becoming a state ends this injustice. This is a
1/5/2023 4:34:28 PM

What Matt Gaetz and AOC Talked About During Kevin McCarthy’s Speaker Vote

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Matt Gaetz wanted to know if Democrats would bail out the would-be Republican speaker. Not a chance, she told him. MOST READ How Jan. 6 Brought Frontier Violence to the
2/6/2023 12:24:36 AM

Memphis Police Chief Trained With Israel Security Forces

Chief Cerelyn Davis also led the first police department in the US that swore off the exchanges. MOST READ How Democrats Paved the Way for Kevin McCarthy's Attack on Ilhan Omar Akela Lacy For years
2/7/2023 6:34:43 PM

Will you donate $5 to help expose the truth about Cop City?

Our team has been covering the movement against Atlanta's Cop City from the jump. While the major news outlets catch up, The Intercept is hard at work digging into who stands to gain from this
1/2/2023 12:24:28 AM

Hacked Russian Files Reveal Propaganda Agreement With China

In 2021, government officials and media executives from Russia and China discussed the exchange of news and social content. MOST READ Hacked Russian Files Reveal Propaganda Agreement With China Mara
12/31/2022 10:14:27 PM

Less than 8 hours left. This goal really matters.

To continue our ambitious reporting we still need to raise $40000 by midnight. Your donation will help us expose political and corporate corruption in 2023 and beyond. Today is New Year's Eve. We
12/31/2022 6:14:26 PM

This is where the rubber hits the road

We still have $60000 left to raise before tonight's deadline. Will you help get us over the top? The Intercept was launched with the bold — some would say crazy — idea that world-class
12/31/2022 1:24:29 PM

I'm saddened to report that we're still short of today's goal

I've never been more proud of the work of The Intercept team, and to continue to deepen and expand our coverage, we're counting on readers to support our work at whatever level you can. When I
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2/9/2023 12:14:27 AM

Moderna and Pfizer are about to raise the price of Covid vaccines by 400 percent

The billions in profits raked in by Big Pharma would not be possible without taxpayer resources and government-funded innovation. HHS must step in to stop this profiteering now. This is a message from
2/9/2023 1:24:32 PM

Marines Charged in Capitol Riot Got Highly Sensitive Spy Jobs After Jan. 6

Following his alleged participation in the insurrection, Sgt. Joshua Abate was assigned to an NSA liaison unit at Fort Meade. MOST READ How a Grassroots Revolt in the Iconic Retirement Community Ended
2/20/2023 12:24:31 AM

Progressive Group Roiled by Accusations Diversity Leader Misrepresented Her Ethnic Background

The controversy at the American Friends Service Committee puts a spotlight on the “diversity and equity” industry's shortcomings. MOST READ Progressive Group Roiled by Accusations Diversity Leader
2/21/2023 4:14:28 PM

Will you donate $5 to help expose white supremacists in the military?

Three US Marines were given highly sensitive intelligence positions despite their participation in the worst attack on the US Capitol since 1814. The reassignments raise serious questions about the
2/22/2023 10:25:20 PM

Journalism is not espionage

It's the hallmark of fascist and authoritarian regimes to equate journalism, whistleblowing, and truth-telling with espionage. It is entirely unacceptable for a democratic society to do the same.
2/17/2023 8:04:44 AM

Kyrsten Sinema Founded Consulting Firm With Arizona Figure Tied to Payday Loan Industry

Since 2007, the representative has had a consultancy with Chad Campbell, a former legislator who backed industry-supported bills and later lobbied for payday lenders. MOST READ DeSantis-Stacked Medical
2/23/2023 1:24:37 PM

Less Than a Mile From Drone Base, Bandits Stole Bags of U.S. Tax Dollars in Broad Daylight

The Americans have drones, they have planes, they have sophisticated equipment,” a Nigerien activist told The Intercept. “But it's not helping.” MOST READ Trial of Mexico's Former Top Cop
2/24/2023 10:14:30 PM

These documents could expose the real truth about the Dakota Access protest crackdown

We spent two years in court and more than $100000 to get files from pipeline giant Energy Transfer and security contractor TigerSwan. Now we have over 50000 documents to get through. After a two-year
2/14/2023 2:25:15 PM

Will you donate $5 to expose the truth about Ron DeSantis?

The Florida political machine behind DeSantis's rise remains largely unknown and undercovered. The Intercept has been digging in — and what we've found isn't pretty. Florida Gov. Ron
2/12/2023 11:25:04 PM

Pakistan on the Brink

What the collapse of the nuclear-armed regional power could mean for the world MOST READ Israeli Army Battalion Puts US Ban on Funding Abusive Units to the Test Alice Speri A former member speaks out
2/27/2023 12:24:54 AM

Bristling Under Progressive Mayor, St. Louis Police Seek State Takeover

Police unions have rallied around Missouri Senate Bill 78, which would reinstate a Civil War-era system of state oversight. MOST READ Norfolk Southern Argued Against “Emotional Evocations of '
2/27/2023 9:54:54 PM

We’re investigating the Ron DeSantis political machine. Will you donate $5?

Florida's governor has made himself a right-wing star by “owning the libs.” We're investigating his real record — and the wealthy corporate interests and political machine behind his rise. The
12/29/2022 4:14:28 PM

I know The Intercept has been sending you a lot of emails, but I’m hoping you’ll read this one

To defeat misinformation, toxic nostalgia, and surging fascism, we need clear-eyed journalism that confronts the unchecked corporate, political, and military power at the root of the overlapping crises
2/28/2023 4:44:29 PM

Will you donate $5 to help reveal the truth about Standing Rock?

Dakota Access pipeline opponents were attacked with dogs, tear gas, and rubber bullets. We've obtained documents from pipeline owner Energy Transfer that may finally show how this brutal crackdown
12/29/2022 12:14:29 AM

I’ve never been more disappointed in the corporate media’s political reporting

Without our newsroom, I have no idea where I'd go to report stories that unsettle establishment narratives and challenge conventional wisdom. I've been a political reporter for almost 20 years.
12/27/2022 11:14:29 PM

I want to share a personal message about why I work for The Intercept and humbly ask for your $5 donation before December 31.

Without our newsroom, I have no idea where I'd go to report stories that unsettle establishment narratives and challenge conventional wisdom. I've been a political reporter for almost 20 years.
3/2/2023 10:04:28 AM

Scott Adams Echoes White America’s Resentful History of “Helping” Others

For centuries, we've been assisting African Americans, Native Americans, Vietnamese people, and Iraqis and have never been thanked once. MOST READ How to Save Yellowstone's Wolves Ryan
12/27/2022 1:24:42 PM

How the Government’s Case Against a Chinese Immigrant Fell Apart

Federal intelligence agencies ran a sting and dug through the trash of a Chinese American engineer they envisioned as a sophisticated technological spy. MOST READ A Competitor Put the FBI on Haoyang
12/26/2022 3:04:29 PM

I don’t like asking for money

And I know you probably don't like being asked. But we have just five days left in our year-end fundraising campaign, and we're still $260000 short of our goal. I'm not going to lie.
12/16/2022 8:58:20 AM

The Pandemic and War — Not Government Spending — Caused Inflation, According to Nobel Prize Winner

A new paper by Joseph Stiglitz and Ira Regmi has huge implications for everything about who holds power in American life. MOST READ How Neighbors in the Borderlands Fought Back Against Arizona Gov.
12/13/2022 11:44:28 PM

Tell the Justice Department to drop the prosecution of WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange now

Publishing is not a crime. Journalists serve the public and democracy by publishing information that reveals the corruption and wrongdoing of the powerful. Publishing is not a crime. Twelve years after
12/11/2022 9:24:32 PM

Donald Trump Is Out of Power — and Out of Luck

The ex-president is finally fair game for an entire legion of lawyers. MOST READ The Internet's New Favorite AI Proposes Torturing Iranians and Surveilling Mosques Sam Biddle ChatGPT, the latest
12/10/2022 4:54:29 PM

Will you donate $5 to support independent journalism?

Big Tech giants like Google and Meta increasingly control what people see online in their news feeds and search results. We're counting on readers to help us thrive in this difficult online
3/5/2023 9:15:21 PM

As Texas Judge Stalls, the Abortion Rights Movement Won’t Wait

The underground has achieved a 50-year goal: free abortion on demand without apology. MOST READ The Disturbing Groupthink Over the War in Ukraine Jeremy Scahill At this dangerous moment, with threats
12/8/2022 1:24:28 PM

Hakeem Jeffries Was a Literal No-Show on the Green New Deal

With momentum behind the climate initiative, progressive organizers set up an event with Jeffries in mind. Instead, his constituents found an empty chair. MOST READ The War Caucus Always Wins Jeremy
12/6/2022 9:24:28 PM

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3/9/2023 10:14:27 AM

Matt Gaetz, Progressive Caucus, and Former Obama Ambassador Team Up to Oppose Syria Occupation

Robert Ford, who as ambassador to Syria pushed an aggressive approach to Bashar al-Assad's regime, is now backing a resolution by Gaetz to end the remaining US occupation. MOST READ US Embassy in
3/19/2023 11:24:30 PM

The Extremely Profitable Invasion of Iraq

Many of those responsible for the Iraq War have gone on to enjoy rewarding careers as senior policymakers in Washington or have cashed in on their time in government by taking well-paid roles in the
3/23/2023 12:25:02 PM

The Honey Trap

The FBI used an undercover cop with pink hair to spy on activists and manufacture crimes. MOST READ The FBI Used an Undercover Cop With Pink Hair to Spy on Activists and Manufacture Crimes Trevor
3/24/2023 7:44:27 PM

We won an important legal victory. Now we need your support to keep reporting.

New documents we've obtained from a grueling court case could finally shine a light on the Standing Rock protest crackdown and the actions of pipeline owner Energy Transfer, private security
3/16/2023 2:55:03 PM

Hooray, We Now Have Medicare for All (Bank Deposits)!

The bailout of Silicon Valley Bank's depositors means every dollar in US bank accounts is insured by the federal government. MOST READ Pentagon Analyst Kept Intel Job After Joining Jan. 6 Mob,
3/26/2023 11:24:30 PM

The Death of Peter Thiel’s “Kept” Romantic Partner Is Being Investigated as a Suicide

Miami police plan to interview Thiel as part of probe into the sudden death of Jeff Thomas, a model and social media influencer, sources said. MOST READ Two Harvard Grads Saw Big Profits in African
3/12/2023 11:24:34 PM

Conflicting Reports Thicken Nord Stream Bombing Plot

None of the emerging narratives surrounding the Nord Stream pipeline bombing really contradicts Seymour Hersh's central allegation that Biden authorized the operation. MOST READ Trump's Last
3/10/2023 8:44:29 PM

Will you donate $5 to help expose the “real” Ron DeSantis?

Florida's governor has made himself a right-wing star by “owning the libs.” We're investigating his real record — and the wealthy corporate interests and political machine behind his rise. The
3/28/2023 5:34:29 PM

Ron DeSantis wants us to stop investigating him. We won’t.

The Florida governor and his allies want to make it dramatically easier for politicians to sue reporters and win. These proposals are so radical that even Koch-funded groups and right-wing radio
3/29/2023 7:14:35 PM

New documents could expose the real story behind the Dakota Access pipeline crackdown

Records we've obtained from a grueling court case could finally shine a light on the actions of pipeline owner Energy Transfer, private security contractor TigerSwan, and North Dakota law
3/30/2023 12:24:30 PM

America May Finally Be Done With Donald Trump

As military bases shed their Confederate names and the ex-president's legal troubles worsen, we seem to be moving on at last. MOST READ America May Finally Be Done With Donald Trump James Risen As
12/5/2022 12:34:27 AM

How Jared Kushner Lost at the World Cup in Qatar

Fans from across the Arab world demonstrated support for Palestinians and disdain for Israelis, showing how little Kushner achieved as a peacemaker. MOST READ Addressing Climate Change Will Not “Save
4/1/2023 6:24:31 PM

Televise Trump’s Trial

This is the first-ever felony indictment of a former US president. The public interest requires complete transparency from beginning to end. That means the trial must be televised. This is a message
12/1/2022 10:04:27 AM

In U.S. Military, Sexual Assault Against Men Is Vastly Underreported

An average of 45 male service members are sexually assaulted every day, according to Pentagon statistics. As with women, shame and stigma suppress the truth. MOST READ In US Military, Sexual Assault
4/2/2023 11:25:03 PM

New York Times Makes Glaring Error About Iraq War — Then Corrects It Incorrectly

Two decades after its catastrophic failure on Iraq, the Times still can't get basic facts straight. MOST READ As Israelis Protest Mounting Authoritarianism, Apartheid Regime Over Palestinians Goes
4/3/2023 3:24:44 PM

We’re investigating Ron DeSantis. Will you donate $5?

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11/27/2022 2:24:30 PM

I Experienced Jack Smith’s Zeal Firsthand. Will Trump Get the Same Treatment?

His handling of the ex-president will show whether Smith really is an aggressive prosecutor — or just aggressive against the powerless. MOST READ A Criminal Ratted Out His Friend to the FBI. Now
4/6/2023 3:34:29 PM

Trump’s Lawyer Joe Tacopina Donated to Democratic Rep Who Called for Trump’s Prosecution

Kathleen Rice, at the time a House member from New York, sent a criminal referral to the FBI in 2021. MOST READ The Prosecution of Trump Is a Good First Step. Now Do Bush. Jeremy Scahill New York's
11/15/2022 6:44:30 PM

I revealed CIA secrets. They threatened to put me in jail.

Journalism can be a dangerous business, especially when you're working to expose secrets that the government wants to hide. So when Biden's DOJ announced new press freedom guidelines, I was
4/8/2023 3:24:30 PM

Ron DeSantis doesn’t want you to read this email

Our journalists are traveling to Florida to investigate the Sunshine State's governor and the political machine that powered his rise. We're not just talking about just the typical “20 minutes
4/9/2023 8:14:31 PM

To Help End the Yemen War, All China Had to Do Was Be Reasonable

With Joe Biden nowhere to be found, China's diplomacy set the stage for Saudi concessions and cease-fire talks. MOST READ Oklahoma Attorney General Asks Court to Overturn Richard Glossip's
4/20/2023 11:24:42 PM

Ron DeSantis’s secret abortion bill signing

Florida's governor signed a 6-week abortion ban in private, behind closed doors with no media present, announcing it in an emailed news release late at night. It's just the latest news from
4/20/2023 12:24:32 PM

Dominion Was Never Going to Save Our Democracy From Fox News

With a $787.5 million settlement for its election lies, Fox News has avoided the legal and moral punishment of a court verdict. MOST READ Dominion Was Never Going to Save Our Democracy From Fox News
4/21/2023 7:45:12 PM

I want to share a personal message about why I work for The Intercept

I've never been more disappointed in how badly the corporate media is failing to report on the actual machinations of power in Washington, DC, and beyond. If the media continues to report only on
4/19/2023 5:14:29 PM

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4/22/2023 8:14:36 PM

Just 4 weeks left to stop an innocent man from being executed

Richard Glossip was sentenced to death for a murder that even prosecutors admit he wasn't present for — based almost entirely on the testimony of the confessed killer. Oklahoma judges just refused
4/19/2023 6:55:14 AM

AFRICOM Chief to Congress: We Share “Core Values” With Coup Leaders

Only the Pentagon could make Florida Republican Matt Gaetz sound like a sober, reasoned voice on US foreign policy. MOST READ AFRICOM Chief to Congress: We Share “Core Values” With Coup Leaders Nick
4/23/2023 11:24:30 PM

Oklahoma Court: We Want Richard Glossip Dead and Evidence Be Damned

In a stunning rebuke to the state's attorney general, the appeals court refused to vacate Glossip's conviction, clearing the way for his execution. MOST READ Oklahoma Court: We Want Richard
4/19/2023 6:05:03 AM

Readers are giving up on the 24-hour news cycle. We’re doing something different.

Instead of chasing clicks, our team is exposing the quiet lobbying and corporate malfeasance that so often leads to disaster. But these investigations can take months or years. The ongoing support of
4/24/2023 10:14:29 PM

If people won’t pay for journalism, it will die. It’s that simple.

There are almost 30000 fewer people working in newsrooms than there were just 15 years ago. As newspapers continue to shrink, the void is being filled by social media algorithms that reward superficial
4/19/2023 5:55:27 AM

Ron DeSantis tried to silence students and teachers. Now he’s coming for the press.

Add your name and tell DeSantis: Journalists, teachers, and students have a First Amendment right to free speech. It's time for this censorship to end. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is doing everything
4/25/2023 7:25:07 PM

The Intercept is swimming upstream

As more people tune out the news in disgust and frustration, much of what remains is shallow clickbait and hot takes, because that's what's cheapest and most profitable for most outlets to
4/19/2023 5:44:59 AM

Leaked Pentagon Document Shows How Ukraine War Is Bleeding Into Middle East

A highly classified document explores how Ukraine war could spill over into war with Iran. MOST READ After Spying on Standing Rock, TigerSwan Shopped Anti-Protest “Counterinsurgency” to Other Oil
4/19/2023 5:34:54 AM

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4/27/2023 12:24:41 PM

Clarence Thomas Billionaire Benefactor Harlan Crow Bought Citizenship in Island Tax Haven

Leaked documents reveal the GOP megadonor held dual citizenship in St. Kitts and Nevis as he lavished the Supreme Court justice with gifts. MOST READ Clarence Thomas Billionaire Benefactor Harlan Crow
4/19/2023 5:23:13 AM

Getting dragged to court

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4/28/2023 12:24:46 AM

Journalism is in crisis. We need your help.

As more people tune out the news in disgust and frustration, much of what remains is shallow clickbait and hot takes, because that's what's cheapest and most profitable for most outlets to
11/14/2022 12:24:31 AM

U.S. Government Quietly Declassifies Post-9/11 Interview With Bush and Cheney

In a newly declassified interview conducted in 2004, Bush shows not a glimmer of awareness of the destruction and carnage he had unleashed on the world. MOST READ US Government Quietly Declassifies
4/29/2023 8:14:28 PM

Getting dragged to court

Billionaire mercenary Erik Prince has cost us $200000 in legal fees as well as countless hours by our internal legal team. To keep our newsroom going strong, we need to meet our goal of 3000 new
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11/10/2022 12:04:26 PM

AOC: New York State Democratic Party’s Corruption May Have Cost Democrats the House

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the role of abortion and the youth vote in the midterms, Ukraine, and the political distinction between unemployment and inflation. MOST READ AOC: The New York State
4/30/2023 11:54:48 PM

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Read Tucker Carlson’s Last Speech Before Fox Fired Him

Carlson showed himself as the paragon of propaganda, courageously telling the Heritage Foundation gala exactly what it wanted to hear. MOST READ Shocking Vote by Oklahoma Parole Board Clears the Way
11/6/2022 9:14:27 PM

New Report Sheds Light on Pentagon’s Secret Wars Playbook

The analysis suggests that the US war in Somalia was waged with no clear legal basis. MOST READ The Fight to Stop Republicans From Killing Wolves and Grizzlies Ryan Devereaux Two new lawsuits want to
5/4/2023 5:34:39 PM

Activists Face Felonies for Distributing Flyers on “Cop City” Protester Killing

The activists face 20 years in prison for handing out flyers that identified a cop they said was linked to the killing of a protester in the Atlanta forest. MOST READ The Pentagon Uses Video Games to
5/5/2023 2:14:33 PM

13 days to stop the execution of an innocent man

This goes way beyond “reasonable doubt.” There is overwhelming evidence of Richard Glossip's innocence. Even the Oklahoma attorney general wants his conviction thrown out. But the state's
11/4/2022 8:34:26 PM

No one has known how Iran monitors dissidents — until now

We've obtained a cache of hacked documents that reveal how Iran's government can track and control protesters' mobile phones — but we need to keep digging. The Intercept has obtained a
11/3/2022 12:24:28 PM

Student Infected With Debilitating Virus in Undisclosed Biolab Accident

By the time a researcher who pricked her finger in Missouri reported the accident, she was already sick. MOST READ Leaked Documents Outline DHS's Plans to Police Disinformation Ken Klippenstein,
5/7/2023 11:24:30 PM

The Government Created a New Disinformation Office to Oversee All the Other Ones

The new Foreign Malign Influence Center oversees efforts that span US military, law enforcement, intelligence, and diplomatic agencies. MOST READ The Polarizing Prosecutor Trying to Nail Putin for War
5/13/2023 5:58:59 PM

This massive cache of documents could expose the truth about Standing Rock

Records we've obtained in a major court victory show how private mercenaries used “counterinsurgency” tactics drawn from the war on terror to surveil and undermine protesters. But thousands of
5/19/2023 11:15:02 PM

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Vibrant, independent reporting is essential to the functioning of democracy. But with the newspaper industry in a decadeslong death spiral and digital news now also hitting hard times, I am deeply
5/21/2023 11:25:12 PM

Abortion Rights Activists Face Attack From DeSantis and Conspiracy Lawsuit — for Spray Painting

The absurd RICO allegations come after the Biden administration hit the activists with federal charges that carry a 12-year sentence. MOST READ Profits Skyrocket for AI Gun Detection Used in Schools —
5/18/2023 12:24:44 PM

Erdogan Arrested and Expelled International Officials Observing Turkish Election

The Turkish government detained a team of Spanish elected officials and civil society leaders on hand to monitor election day activity in a Kurdish city. MOST READ US Marshals Spied on Abortion
5/17/2023 9:44:50 PM

$100,000 in legal costs. Now we need to finish the job.

We've won access to a massive cache of documents that expose the private mercenary tactics used against Standing Rock protesters. But analyzing these files is a major effort for our reporting team,
5/14/2023 11:24:27 PM

Biden Is Selling Weapons to the Majority of the World’s Autocracies

Despite the White House's rhetoric about supporting global democracy, the US sold weapons in 2022 to 57 percent of the world's authoritarian regimes. MOST READ Desperate Families and Gun-Toting
5/25/2023 12:25:04 PM

Henry Kissinger’s Killing Fields

Kissinger is responsible for even more civilian deaths in Cambodia than was previously known. FEATURED STORY Survivors of Kissinger's Secret War in Cambodia Reveal Unreported Mass Killings Nick
5/26/2023 2:54:56 PM

Stunning revelations about the crackdown at Standing Rock

TigerSwan, the private firm hired by the oil company Energy Transfer, played a leading role in these vicious assaults. But documents uncovered by The Intercept reveal horrifying new evidence of how
5/12/2023 7:29:29 AM

More shocking revelations about Harlan Crow and Clarence Thomas

The billionaire benefactor who showered Thomas in gifts has dual citizenship in a notorious tax haven. That makes his assets and spending extremely difficult to trace, raising serious new questions
5/12/2023 7:15:52 AM

How the Murder of a CIA Officer Was Used to Silence the Agency’s Greatest Critic

A new account sheds light on the Ford administration's war against Sen. Frank Church and his landmark effort to rein in a lawless intelligence community. MOST READ How the Murder of a CIA Officer
5/28/2023 11:24:47 PM

The U.S. Is Unhappy That Mexico Is Spending Money on Its Own Citizens

Mexico's populist president should instead be spending more on furthering US interests, according to a leaked intelligence document. MOST READ Jan. 6 Megadonor Helping Ohio GOP Preemptively
10/31/2022 9:24:33 PM

This massive hack is giving us a rare glimpse into Putin’s inner circle

We're just beginning what could be a yearslong investigation of largest hack our team has ever seen — and we're finding damning revelations about Putin's allies. Earlier this year, 14
10/30/2022 8:04:27 PM

Iran’s Secret Manual for Tracking and Controlling Protesters’ Mobile Phones

The documents provide an inside look at an Iranian government program that lets authorities monitor and manipulate people's phones. MOST READ Iran's Secret Manual for Tracking and Controlling
10/13/2022 1:24:31 PM

The Right’s Anti-Vaxxers Are Killing Republicans

Since Covid-19 vaccines arrived, the gap in so-called excess deaths between Republicans and Democrats has widened, a new study says. MOST READ “Election Interference”: Oil Price Hike Is Saudi
10/12/2022 5:34:29 PM

An important update from our Director of Information Security

This is one of the most exciting — and daunting — reporting projects we've ever taken on. My name is Micah Lee, and I am Director of Information Security at The Intercept. I'm writing to you
6/4/2023 11:25:06 PM

Atlanta Police Arrest Organizers of Bail Fund for Cop City Protesters

Part of a brutal crackdown on dissent against the police training facility, the SWAT raid and charges against the protest bail fund are unprecedented. MOST READ Atlanta Police Arrest Organizers of Bail
10/8/2022 2:14:27 PM

The Supreme Court’s next right-wing bender

Most media coverage still portrays the court as a sacred temple of apolitical jurisprudence — and treats this slow-moving judicial coup as unstoppable. The Intercept refuses to treat the Supreme Court
6/20/2023 6:35:04 AM

What Does the FBI Have on Hunter and Joe Biden?

The FBI is allowing members of the House Oversight Committee to review allegations made against the president and his son. Most Read What Does the FBI Have on Hunter and Joe Biden? Ryan Grim, Ken
6/23/2023 3:24:53 PM

Newsroom budgets have been cut to the bone

It's always cheaper to get the sanitized story from official channels than to launch challenging investigations or send reporters into conflict zones. With major news outlets cutting back or
6/24/2023 5:04:26 PM

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6/20/2023 5:25:17 AM

The FBI Groomed a 16-Year-Old With “Brain Development Issues” to Become a Terrorist

An undercover FBI agent befriended the teenager online. When he turned 18, he was arrested for supporting ISIS. Most Read The FBI Groomed a 16-Year-Old With “Brain Development Issues” to Become a
6/26/2023 2:04:26 AM

Prigozhin and Putin: Dead Men Walking

In the duel between the Wagner Group's Yevgeny Prigozhin and Russian President Vladimir Putin, both men lost their nerve. Most Read Ukraine Blocks Journalists From Front Lines With Escalating
6/26/2023 6:21:18 PM

An unprecedented situation at the worst possible time

American journalism has never faced a challenge like the intersection of Donald Trump's trial and the 2024 presidential election. With newsrooms shrinking and the right-wing spin machine in
6/12/2023 3:24:57 AM

Will you donate $5 to help expose these billionaire megadonors?

They're pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into super PACs and political campaigns and wielding enormous power behind the scenes to pick winners and losers, set policy priorities, and drive
6/12/2023 2:36:23 AM

No One Believes in Cop City. So Why Did Atlanta’s City Council Fund It?

How the fight could influence whether Georgia stays blue in 2024's Senate and presidential races. MOST READ No One Believes in Cop City. So Why Did Atlanta's City Council Fund It? George Chidi
6/29/2023 12:25:32 PM

Samuel Alito’s Wife Leased Land to an Oil and Gas Firm While the Justice Fought the EPA

A deal made by Alito's wife with an energy company paints recent Supreme Court decisions on the environment in a damning light. Most Read Fishing for Secrets in the Nord Stream Abyss Jeremy Scahill
6/12/2023 2:17:50 AM

Help us hold Atlanta police accountable for the Cop City crackdown

We're investigating the “domestic terror” charges thrown at protesters and the continuing retaliation of law enforcement agencies — like a recent SWAT raid targeting bail fund organizers. When